Commander in Chief

Story about Wren Collins' conflicting feelings with her new intern Zayn Malik.
Ok yea I don't know what else to put here without making it seem really cheesy and stupid. Feedback of all kinds is much appreciated :) x


2. Relapse

Cologne was the first thing I smelled as I walked into the office today. I looked around the room for the owner of the strong scent but to no avail. I bobbed my head over each of the cubicles in search of Mr. Zayn Malik. I didn't see his neatly quaffed hair or hear his thick Bradford accent in any corner of the room. A finger tapped my shoulder lightly, causing a quick end to my hunt.

"Wren are you looking for something?" Robin's sweet voice asked.

"Not something, somebody. Did you see Malik anywhere he has this morning's report and I need to see it." I answered her while taking a few peaks around the room to try to find him. Still no Zayn anywhere.

"I'm right here, Miss Collins," his voice jolted me slightly and turned my attention to the slender figure behind me. "And I'm assuming you weren't in your office yet because the report is on your desk." He nodded his head at me and walked back to his desk. I quickly escorted myself to my office and avoided all contact to my coworkers. The report was on my desk as my intern had instructed. I needed to watch out for this boy; instead of me bossing him around, as a boss should, I was being spoon fed his never ending attitude. I heard heavy footsteps outside my office and as if on command a hand knocked an all to familiar pattern on the door.

"Come in Malik." with that the boy let himself into the large room.

"Aw, Collins you're getting good at recognizing the knock, told you it was a good idea." he said, eyes widened and lips pressed into a smug smirk. He knew how to tick me off, say things, do the smallest things to bother me.

"What do you want? I need to get started with my day. I already got in a little late today." I took my attention away from Zayn to take a quick peek at the report that he placed on my desk. He took a seat in the chair that he always sat in, the one placed closest to me, the one in my direct line of site. There was a grin plastered on that mouth of his, the type of smile that was bound to be concealing something.

"Again Malik, what do you want from me? And what's with that goofy smile?"

"I see that you're reading the report."

"Yes, great job pointing out the obvious. Mr. Malik do you have serious reason to be here or are you just here to waste time?"

"No, no, um I had a question about the report actually. I took a second to look over it and I noticed something." He paused mid sentence to position his elbows on my desk. "What happened to the Laurence case? Were the charges dropped or did one of their dumb asses forget to report it?"

"No the charges were dropped." I stopped for a second to gather the stack of papers that made up this mornings report and then looked back at Zayn. "I know them being dropped was beneficial for the company but I'm kinda upset that the trial didn't go through."

"Why is that?" You could tell he was invested in this case by the way his eyes were locked onto mine, asking me to tell him more.

"This company can be a bit shrewd at times but I didn't think that this case was something that they could just toss away. I wanted to see how the whole drama would play out I guess."

"What exactly was the case about? I've heard a tons and tons of rumors, none of which were cohesive enough for me to make out even the gist of the situation. Start from the basics."

And I did; I told him every detail I knew of the controversial case. How Miss Reese Laurence filed a complaint to the company about the way her boss Michael Kassidy was mistreating her. That reports of "mysterious noises" coming from Kassidy's office were made by janitors who usually made their rounds at midnight. The claims of Kassidy being particularly harsh on Laurence when it came to her job in the office. And as each untold secret was revealed to the boy all I could notice was the way his eyes flickered as he heard the new detail of the story. It seemed as though he was forming a theory of some sort to connect each of the events with the rumors he had heard. He was absorbed in the movie-like drama that was being unfolded while I dug deeper and deeper into the dark and peculiar cavern that was the case against Michael Kassidy.

"I overheard a conversation Mr. Blair had with Kassidy. Blair was saying that it would be more 'economical to solve the issue by settling before the case could be put to court' and how 'we've all had that snitch Michael, we'll take care of it for you'." I told him all of this in confidence that he wouldn't tell a soul. And I wasn't sure what came over me but I felt comfortable in telling him everything I knew that I wasn't supposed to know. 

At one point the conversation strayed from the case and turned more casual. I wasn't sure how long we were in my office just talking but our conversation was free-flowing now; there wasn't much of the witty but awkwardly confrontational banter we were using before. We sat there and chatted about everything and nothing; from where we grew up to our favorite kind of music.

"I still can't believe we were both at Wireless the last year." I said and smiled at him.

"Miss Collins, this was-"

"It's Wren."

"Here you go again with name correcting. You need everything to be your way don't you?"

"And what if I said yes?"

"Then I'd have to go your way wouldn't I? I am your intern at the end of the day."

"Is it bad that I kind of forgot that you're just my intern?" 

"No, but am I honestly just an intern to you?" He said almost too casually. I found myself unconsciously scooting myself towards him as I cautiously slid my arm around the surface of my desk then feeling my hand find his eventually, then giving it a soft squeeze. He craned forward just close enough for me too take in the whole of his face; to realize how beautiful his honey colored eyes were, to see the little patch of stubble he missed from his morning shave, and notice the slightest smell of cigarettes mixed in with his Gucci cologne. 

"Miss Collins, Miss Wren Collins!" A voice said outside the room and moments later Mr. Blair barged in, hand waving a manila envelope. Zayn and I only had seconds to react to the intruder. I quickly played out that I was reaching for a paper on the far end of my desk while he sat back in his chair and adjusted his coat and trousers.

"Collins I've got some news, the Laurence case is back on. She didn't give into the settlement. But I bet you're a bit glad that worked out the way it did, aren't ya?" Blair said as he slapped the folder on my desk."Mr. Malik is Wren doing a good job bitching at you and bossing you around?"

"Um, yes I guess so sir." Zayn answering a bit timidly unsure of how to respond to our bosses abrasiveness.

"Good, good to hear. I hope she's got you informed on all the details of case so you're not left knowing just word of mouth. Well that's all the news I have for you so I'll see you two at work tomorrow." He said this on his way out of my office. An awkward quietness washed over the room.

"That was a bit strange wasn't it?" Zayn asked me breaking the silence.

"Yes, that was a bit odd. Didn't it seem that he was a bit too, I don't know..."

"Informed on our conversation?" He stood up by my desk now, arms crossed over his chest.

"Yeah, exactly." I shifted in my seat and was completely uncomfortable with what just happened.

"I don't really know what to say, but I better get back to my desk. People out there might, you know, make out that something is happening that really isn't. I'll see you tomorrow Miss Collins." he gave me a comforting smile and small wave as he inched closer to the door.

"Wren, Malik, it's Wren." I yelled out as he walked out of my room.

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