Commander in Chief

Story about Wren Collins' conflicting feelings with her new intern Zayn Malik.
Ok yea I don't know what else to put here without making it seem really cheesy and stupid. Feedback of all kinds is much appreciated :) x


1. Dangerous

No trouble, no harm done, no consequences, nothing wrong with the situation. That's all I could think about when the new intern stepped into my office. He was prim, clean cut, and ready to work just like the others in this whole building, but he seemed to stand out. He came into the workplace with a kind of confidence that could not be faked or mimicked it was all his own, just like the whole lot of attention he received. He was just a newbie intern and yet he gave off such an experienced vibe like he had everything under control. But he was dangerous, underneath this professional act there was a very crude and cruel boy just trying to break out. A fitted designer suit covered him from head to toe, dark tattoos peeking from underneath his dress shirt, and the faintest indication of various piercings on his ears. He was 22 years young and fresh out of university and not to mention devilishly handsome. He was a threat. Not directly to my job or career but to my integrity, to every example I set for others and for myself. He was a threat to my well being and I could tell from the first day he set foot here.


There was a slight knock on my door followed by my assistant's head peeking into my room.

"The first batch of fresh meat is here." Robin said almost enthusiastically.

"Alright then, let them in. Do any of them catch your eye?"

"There's this one kid I think you'll like him." She retorted as she slowly closed the large wooden door to my office.

I wanted to know what I was up against for the day. The interviews have been non-stop ever since the intern listing opened up. Day after day unqualified hopeful after unqualified hopeful came tumbling into my office. None of them stood a chance, not with the demands of this company. I was the youngest employee of my ranking which meant high expectations and people pleasing, so I know from experience and from plain instinct who would make it here and who wouldn't. And all I could do was think about which one of these guppies could be the one that Robin was talking about. Her and I both have that kind of insight so I could trust her judgement. But the first few rounds of contenders were like the ones before them, boring, overly polite, and as fake as a plastic Barbie doll. I was beginning to doubt the reality of the one kid that she was talking about. But there he was, clad in his fancy Armani suit slowly striding himself to the chair directly in front of my desk.  I could smell his strong musky cologne from my seat and could feel his scent filling up the whole room. He shifted in his seat before adjusting his dark rimmed glasses and holding out his hand to introduce himself.

"Pleased meet you Mrs. Collins. My name is-"

"It's miss." After hearing that he gave me the slightest smirk, licked his lips, and inhaled to try to speak again.

"Oh, excuse me Miss Collins. As I was saying, my name is Zayn Malik."

"Good to meet you. Now, tell me why I should pick you to be our new intern?" I asked as enthusiastically as I could while remaining professional with my eyes locked onto his. Instead of answering straight away he scoffed and laughed to himself.

"Is that honestly the type of question you're gonna ask me? I could obviously woo you with my good grades, and the various recommendations from my reservoir of teachers, but I could also bullshit you into believing I'm really qualified instead of telling you how things really are. Now, would you like that Miss Collins?"

I sat there shocked for a minute, unsure how to answer his impending question. I decided to go along with the playful attitude he's going after.

"Well, Mr. Malik, maybe, unlike you, I have this business on my mind and needed to think of a conversation starter that also got as much information from that person in one question. I'm on a tight schedule you know."

"Well, Miss Collins that is not of my concern. With a company as prestigious as this one I'd be expected to be challenged in every which way, including in the interview, and clearly that's not how things are here." He sat back in his chair satisfied with his response. 

"What do you think you're getting out of giving me that kind of attitude? A job here?-" The door to my office squeaked as my boss slipped inside the room. 

"Yes, exactly that." He looked straight at me and then to Zayn. Mr. Blair took a few steps before crossing his arms over his chest. "You are going to give this young man the intern position. I like his spunk. Make sure to tell Robin to get rid of the other applicants."

"Um, okay sir, right away." I said finally while Zayn flashed me a smug smile and then shook Mr. Blair's hand. 

"Welcome to Blair Enterprises." Mr. Blair said as he exited my office. I sat there staring at him absentmindedly still confused as to what had just happened there.


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