Falling in Fate

Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction.
Its about a girl named Mitsuki Uchiha. She was not always named this, but when she was forced from her old world (our world), into her new world (Naruto's world), she took the name so she could become a new person. One that was truly worthy to save this new world. (I'm not good at descriptions, so I personally think its way better than this gives it credit for. Well, the idea is awesome xD).


2. The Scary Meeting

*Ok, before I start, I just want to let you know I made some changes to the first chapter, and here they are.

1. I changed her hair color to black, because she's an Uchiha, and a trademark of their clan is black hair.

2. I didn't make it clear in the last chapter, but when she fell, she fell through the roof and into the room.

These are just some changes that I made to the first chapter, and I figured you wouldn't want to go back and reread it.

I also changed the cover, so the cover is now how she would look in anime form.*


I open my eyes and for a moment, I have that cliché “Oh my god, where am I” moment. When I take a moment to actually think, I remember what happened yesterday. I sit up and refold the bedroll, putting it back in the linen closet, then go on an adventure to find the bathroom.

When I finally find it, I’m fully awake and curious about all that’s going on around me. One think I notice is this place needs a good cleaning. It had been empty for years, and it needed a good dusting. I shrug and decide to get it after a bath,

I look for a towel, soap, shampoo; you know, the usual, and make my way to the bath. When I’m done, I put on a new outfit, that looks (surprisingly xD) like my old one. I look around in different rooms and find some cleaning supplies, and set to work.

It takes two hours. That’s right. Two. Hours.

“Argh!” I yell, throwing the rag down on the ground and stomping on it a few times. “Finally! Done!”

I relax a little, not knowing what to do now that the work was done. “I know! I’ll go look for Naruto or someone!” I say aloud like the crazy person I am (xD). I walk outside and follow the street towards the exit of the Uchiha land. Right as I’m exiting the gate, I hear someone yell.

“Hey! What are you doing it there?!” Uh oh, he sounds mad.

I freeze in fright. I turn my head in the voices direction, and see three ninja, Chuunin from the looks of it, running towards me. And, ok this probably wasn’t smart, but I do the first thing I can think of.

I run.

I immediately bolt into the opposite direction, wanting to be anywhere but there. Of course, they follow. I run and run, and that’s when they start pulling out the big guns.

I feel the ground rumble a little, and that’s when I run into a wall.

Yeah, yeah, stupid right? Well that wall wasn’t there a second ago. They must have used a barrier jutsu to stop me. I jump over the wall, all ninja like, and continue running, wary now of appearing walls. That first one hurt, and I really don’t want to experience another.

They decided walls wouldn’t work, so they started shooting fire balls and ninja stars at me. I dodge as best I can, but a few still graze me. I notice some people up ahead, and I feared they would chase after me too, so I don’t spend too much time looking at them.

That’s when I ran into something again.

And no, it wasn’t another wall. I’m not that stupid.

It was a person.

I looked up and my eyes almost popped out of my head. And, ok, I had a fan girl moment in my head.

Naruto was the one who I crashed into. Since we were both unsteady with my sudden stop, he grabbed my upper arms and I grabbed his elbows. I looked up at him wide eyed, still scared out of my mind. He looked down at me; cause only came up to his shoulders, with a confused and startled look.

I look behind me and dart behind Naruto in fear. He watches me dart behind him the looks back in the direction of where I came from, just to see the three ninjas a foot away from him.

“Step aside kid, we have business with that little girl.” The first one said, probably the leader of the squad.

I dart my head out from behind Naruto, annoyed at being called a little girl. “Hey! I’m not a little girl! I’m already fifteen!” I yell at them, not as scared that I have really seen them. And I guess having Naruto around gave me a little better sense of security.

Naruto guided me to stand beside him and he patted my head, which was all too easy for him to reach. Then he spoke to the leader. “What has she done? She seems scared, so what did you do to her?”

“She was coming out of the old Uchiha land, and we’ve never seen her before, so we were suspicious. We called to her and asked her to stop, but she ran. We’ve been trying to catch her ever since.”

“You yelled at me! I did the first thing I thought of which was to run. Can you blame me?! You were yelling and running at me, so I ran too. I’m sorry for this misunderstanding. I was coming out of there because I live there, and I’m pretty sure there’s no other exit.”

“You don’t live there! All the Uchiha are dead except for some rouge ones!”

I knew who he was talking about, and hearing the scorn in his voice pissed me off. “Don’t talk bad about my Nii-chans! (This means “Big Brothers”. Ok, to make it more realistic, I’m planning on putting a few Japanese words in here and there, but I’ll always put the translation next to it. If you find it annoying and want me to stop, just let me know and I will.)

Naruto stares down at me in shock, knowing that I’m saying I am the sister of Sasuke, his “best friend” if you want to call him that.

“Oh!” I say as I face palm. “Let me introduce myself. My name’s Mitsuki Uchiha. Please take care of me!” (Common Japanese phrase).

The three ninjas stare at me, not quite comprehending what I’m saying. I sigh and roll my eyes. “That means I’m allowed there. I even have the Hokage’s permission.”

They nod and walk away with a few “ohs” and “oks”.

I turn to Naruto and smile up at him. “Thanks for your help Naruto! Did you just get back from your trip?”

He smiles his big, goofy smile and puts both his hands behind his head in his usual pose. “Yup! Ero-sennin (Pervy Sage) and I were just on our way to Ba-chan’s (Granny’s) when I ran…” he stops, finally realizing that I know way to much about him already. “Hey wait a minute! How do you know my name? And how’d you know I was on a trip?”

I giggle. He’s the same as he always is. “Let’s go to Tsunade Ba-chan’s office and she’ll help me explain. Has Ero-sennin already gone ahead?”

He stares at me for a minute, then smiles his smile. “Yeah, he’s probably already there. Lets go!”

He grabs my hand and we run off to Tsunade’s office.

I stare at his and my hands, giggle a little, and blush; happy and excited to be here.


~Ok! New chapter!~

Sorry for the late update, my exams start tomorrow, so I've been studying for them this past weekend xD

I hope you enjoyed it

I'll update again soon :D

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