Falling in Fate

Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction.
Its about a girl named Mitsuki Uchiha. She was not always named this, but when she was forced from her old world (our world), into her new world (Naruto's world), she took the name so she could become a new person. One that was truly worthy to save this new world. (I'm not good at descriptions, so I personally think its way better than this gives it credit for. Well, the idea is awesome xD).


3. Explanations are Needed

When we finally get in front of the Hokage’s office, I rip my hand out of Naruto’s and glare at him, rubbing my sore fingers. He practically dragged me here! He doesn’t even notice as he pushes the door open to the office and walks in. I follow close behind, pushing those thoughts out of my head and start trying to figure out how the heck would be the simplest way to explain all the crazy stuff that happened yesterday.

“Ah! Mitsuki, perfect timing, I was just talking to Jiraiya about you. I’m not too informed about your situation, so would you explain it to all of us? Do you care if Naruto hears?” Tsunade said after we walked in. She was there with Jiraiya, the Ero-sennin, and Naruto and I seemed to have entered in the middle of their conversation.

“No, he can listen. I have a feeling it has to do with him too.” I say. We all go to another room. This room has two sofas with a coffee table in between them, and some pictures on the wall. When I take a closer look at the pictures, I realize that they are the past Hokages, leaders of the Village. We all settle down on the sofas, Naruto and me on one, Tsunade and Jiraiya on the other.

“Ok, since I’m not too sure myself on what’s going on, I’ll just give you the summarized version of what I know. Basically, I’m from another world/universe/dimension, and I was brought here to save your world. They couldn’t bring my body from my world, only my soul, so they made a body for me here and transported my soul. I later learned that when they created my new body, they used the DNA of the Uchiha to make it. That DNA came from the clan leader’s family, making me the daughter of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, and the sister of the only other living Uchiha, Sasuke and Itachi. The only way I can think of to prove it is for you to get Inoichi Yamanaka, Ino’s dad, to search my brain, which I give my full permission to. I have nothing to hide. I’m probably forgetting something, so if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them the best I can.” I spew out in one big monologue.

Everyone pauses to register what I’ve said, and Naruto gets a bright idea. “Hey! Does that kinda mean you’re an alien or something?” he says, with a big smile and eyes wide with excitement.

I burst out laughing with tears leaking out of my eyes. He starts spazing, probably wondering why I’m crying, and pats my head, again. “I’m sorry,” I finally choke out. “I’m not crying, I just found it funny how you phrased it, and I guess the stress of this got to me.” I wipe my tears and think about what I know. Just as I start running through my and the Body’s memories again, someone knocks on the door. In walks in Sakura, another friend of Naruto, and Kakashi, Naruto’s Sensei (teacher). (I’ll put up pictures of what everyone looks like soon, because I just don’t feel like describing them >.< Sorry.)

“Ah! Naruto, I just remembered. Sakura and you will go up against Kakashi to see how well you two have improved over the years.” Tsunade said, motioning to the three of them. I Flinch unconsciously, remembering that this happened before. I stare wide eyed as Sakura walks into the room and the first thing she does is to hit Naruto upside the head.

“Ow! That hurt!” He yells, holding the back of his head and glaring at her. “What’d I do now?!”

Sakura pulls her black gloves on and glares back at him, “Well, you’re back, and you being you means you did something stupid again. I’m just preparing for it.”

I laugh, holding my stomach and fall of the couch. “O-Ouch,” I gasp out still laughing. They all look at me like I’m crazy, but I just continue, glad to have a good laugh for once.

When I finally calm down, I wave my arm in the air, getting everyone’s attention. “May I join in? I would like to see my skill level too. You’re doing the bell challenge right? Where we have to get the bells from Kakashi?”

Tsunade nods her head slowly, thinking about it. “Yes, I would like to see what you can do too. Alright. Kakashi, make sure to have three bells. Let’s see what these three can do!”



When we; Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and I; get to the training grounds, Kakashi explains the rules. “All you have to do is get these bells from me. You can use any Ninjutsu (Ninja Techniques), Genjutsu (Illusion Techniques), or Taijutsu (Hand to hand combat) to get them from me. You may begin.”

Kakashi stays where he is, seemingly unfocused while us three run in different directions. I don’t know what the others are doing, and I know that this is a team exercise, but I just want to finish this. So I look through the jutsus that I know and use a few.

First, I make myself, my chakra, and my vital signs invisible, then spread my wings and fly high into the air. ‘This will be handy’ I say in my head, thinking about all the things I could do with this jutsu. I then lazily fly around, looking for where the others are.

I see Naruto and Sakura huddled together, thinking of a plan. If I remember correctly, they first charge him and he goes underground. I’m going to get my bell before that, then maybe help them get theirs. I then see Kakashi where I last saw him, and I head in his direction.

I swoop down quietly next to him, careful not to make any noise, and quickly yank my bell off of his belt loop. I then fly up and out of his reach before he even knows what hit him. He jerks his head around, trying to figure out where that came from. I stealthily land on a tree branch near him, hide my wings, and undo all the Hiding Jutsus. He quickly looks at where I seemingly magically appeared and looks surprised when I hold up the bell I just grabbed. He looks at where his bells are, see’s ones missing, and laughs.

“You got me! Hahaha! Nice work!” He gives me the thumbs up and looks around for the other two. I settle in on my branch, waiting to see if my predictions come true.


After a couple hours of Naruto and Sakura attacking Kakashi for his bells, they finally get a bright idea. They trick him into covering his eyes and plugging his ears, and when he does that, they steal his bells. I start laughing from my tree, enjoying the show. They look up and me, waving their bells and laughing with me, Kakashi joining in after he reopens his eyes and ears.

We all walk back to Tsunade’s office, joking and laughing together like old friends, when I suddenly stop, an idea/memory popping into my head again. It was my memory, and it was from the anime. All that just happened with the bell challenge happened in the anime, meaning that the anime basically tells the future.

My eyes go wide as I remember what happens after this in the anime. Something that I wish didn’t happen, something that I can help fix.

I jump into the air, spreading my wings and probably giving everyone around a heart attack. “I’m sorry! I just remembered something I have to do. Tell Tsunade that I’ll be back, but I’ll see you guys soon, and I promise to help you with your next mission. Bye!” I yell as I fly off and out of the village. My mind starts formulating plans to accomplish my mission, and a few different ones pop into my head. One particular plan is one I think would work best, and I start preparing the jutsus needed to complete the plan.

I must save him.

I WILL save him.

I fly off in the direction of the Village Hidden in the Sand.

That will be the place where the Akatsuki (Red Cloud), the group of bad Rouge Ninjas, will strike next. They’re looking for Jinchurikis, or the ninjas that have tailed beasts sealed inside them. Tailed beasts are the strongest, scariest, and most feared monsters out there. There are nine of them, ranging from the One Tails, to the Nine Tails. Naruto just happens to be the Jinchuriki of the Nine Tails. The Akatsuki are not after him at this particular moment, but they’re after another one. The One Tails. And the One Tails Jinchuriki just happens to be a friend of Naruto’s, making him a friend of mine.

I must save him.



~Whoo! Cliff Hanger!~

Sorry about that xD I hate cliff hangers too >.<

But I had to! It was calling me!

But I'll update sooner, I will!

I hope you like it :D

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