Falling in Fate

Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction.
Its about a girl named Mitsuki Uchiha. She was not always named this, but when she was forced from her old world (our world), into her new world (Naruto's world), she took the name so she could become a new person. One that was truly worthy to save this new world. (I'm not good at descriptions, so I personally think its way better than this gives it credit for. Well, the idea is awesome xD).


5. Experiments and Plans

I’m so tired.

I’ve been flying for hours as fast as I can.

But I can’t stop yet.

I may already be too late.

The trip from the Hidden Leaf Village to the Hidden Sand Village usually takes three days, sleeping at night. With me flying at top speed, it should take half that, and with no stops, it should take a little less than a day.

I continue to fly for hours and hours. By the time I finally see the walls of the Sand Village; I know I’ve reached my limit. The only way I can describe it is as if I have been sprinting as fast as I can for miles.

I landed on the west wall of the Village, looking at the different houses and buildings, searching for the Kage’s Office building. That’s where Gaara will be, because he’s the Kazekage (Wind Shadow), and leader of the Sand Village.

That’s when I saw an explosion.

A really big one.

I closed my eyes and blocked my face, because the light was really blinding. When I opened them again, there was this big hunk of floating sand right above the Village. I remember! This is when Deidara, someone in the Akatsuki, tries to blow up the Village, so Gaara protects it with his sand.

I look around in the air, looking for Gaara and his floating ball of sand. Gaara has the power to control sand, and make it do what he wants. I finally find it, with Deidara on his bird a few feet away from him. Deidara uses mouths on his hands to mash up explosive clay and make bombs that he calls ‘art’. They take the form of things he wants, and one of those things is a giant flying bird that he stands on and flies around on.

Gaara should now be really weak and unable to defend himself, and he was moving the floating sand out of the Village, not allowing it to harm anyone or anything by dropping it on them. I hurry to put my plan into action. I make the ‘secret weapon’ that will help our escape, and I quickly use my Hiding Jutsus and fly up near Gaara, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

I see an opening in his defense, and go through it, careful not to touch him and letting him know I’m here. I may not be able to be detected, but I’m still there, and I can still make noises or bump things.

When I’m behind him, I pull out the secret weapon. It’s a life-like doll that looks exactly like Gaara. Deidara will take this doll instead of the real Gaara, and leave while the real Gaara is still safe. But, here comes the tricky part. I don’t want to mess with the way things will end, so I have to somehow get the One Tails out of Gaara, and put it in the doll.

Just then, an explosive came flying at the hole that Gaara had in his defense. He quickly closed the hole, and that was my chance. I quickly slammed my hand on his back, and connecting with the One Tails.

~Talking with the One Tails. In a place like where Naruto talks to the Nine Tails. Its wet, dark, and the One Tails is in a cage~

Me: “Well hello there Shukaku! (That’s the One Tails’ name.) Listen, I need your help. If you don’t leave this cage and, yes, go into another one, the world may be doomed. I’m sorry to do this to you but… *Sigh* Come on, you need to get out of him. I’ll break the seal, but you have to go into the other body. Please?”

Shukaku: *He looks at me for a little, sizing me up* “Alright, but just because you’re you.”

Me: *I look at him funny* “What’s so special about me?”

Shukaku: “You’re destined for great things. You will be the savior, the helper, the freer, and the friend of us Tailed beasts, ninjas, and the world. You’ll find out more soon enough. Oh, before you reseal me, I have something for you.”

He holds his hand out and inside it is… well, it looks like a little mini him!

Me: “What is this?” *I grab the little guy, and put him on the ground next to me. He comes up to around my knee, maybe a little smaller. And he was definitely cute!*

Shukaku: “Take him; he’s basically me, only less powerful and smaller. When you seal me and give me to the bad people, I won’t be able to contact you anymore. This will allow it that I do. Take him.”

Me: *I nod* “I will. I’ll take good care of him. I’m really sorry for this, if I could think of another way I would take it.”

~Leave the area of Shukaku~

I pull my hand out and there is a glowing brown ball in my hand, and I quickly slam it into the doll. Gaara passes out from the sudden change to his body, but he felt no pain and wouldn’t die like how the Akatsuki would have done it. I dragged Gaara’s body to the back of the defense and put the doll where Gaara was. I used my Hiding Jutsus on Gaara, and that’s when I saw the little explosive bugs of Deidara’s starting to crawl through his defense and coming towards us. I quickly shield Gaara with my body, having not time to think of something else.


The whole defense shook and exploded. I almost screamed at the pain in my back from the flames and shrapnel that came and hit it. I pulled Gaara towards me and held him tight, trying to unfurl my wings, but the explosion injured them, and so we were free falling.

Deidara caught the doll Gaara, and we whizzed past them. I managed to pull my wings out a little to slow our fall, but it did very little, like holding a kite over our heads to help us fly. I twisted our bodies so I would take the blow of the fall, and we landed on the roof of a building. We had only fallen, oh, around four stories, so I wouldn’t die from the fall, but hit hurt like a… ok, gonna stop that train of thought.

I was lying on my back with Gaara still on top of me, and I couldn’t move for a few minutes because of the pain. I finally shoved Gaara off of me, and surveyed my injuries. A few of my ribs were probably broken, and I may have broken my leg, because I landed on it funny. I could tell I had some cuts and bruises on my back, and some shrapnel stuck in some of them, maybe even some big cuts too. I also wasn’t sure what shape my wings were in. I’ve only had them for a day, so I had no idea what to do to examine them or heal them.  I looked around to see that no one was on this roof, and I groaned as I moved to sit up. I had to do some emergency aid, or who knows what problems will come later on.

I ripped my shirt up so my belly was exposed and used the fabric to stop the bleeding of the cuts on my back. I searched around and found a semi sturdy stick, don’t know why it was here, to use to stable my maybe broken leg. I then took off my skirt, leaving my shorts on, and ripped it up to bind my ribs and hold the stick in place. I unfurled my wings to examine them. I pulled some shrapnel out of them and left them out to fix themselves.

I crawled over to where Gaara lay, and examined him for injuries. He wasn’t really injured at all, for which I was thankful for. He had been in his defense, so he had really no injuries except for a few scratches. I used what was left of my skirt to wrap his worst scratches, leaving the really small ones to heal themselves.

I was exhausted. I was more exhausted than exhausted. I had just flown all the way here, taken bombs to the back, and fallen around sixty-seventy feet onto a roof. I was ready to sleep.

I settled down on my stomach, careful of my back injuries. I tried to relax, and as a last minute thought, tied Gaara’s hands together and then tied him to me. I did NOT need him waking up before me and leaving, creating a ruckus about how he was taken but not, and blah blah blah.

I fell into a troubled sleep, wondering what the heck I was supposed to do next.


~YAY! He's safe!~

Ok, because I was yelled at last time for not putting in a pic of Gaara, here he is!!!


And, here's Shukaku!



Ok! There you go!

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