Bradford Bad Boy

Zayn is a famous boxer. Only involved in boxing, nothing else. That is, until one night before his match, Sydney's some how stumbles her way into meeting him. But not the way she would have wanted to. No one can steal his heart. No one..... But her.


1. The Begining.

(Sydney's POV)

"So tell me again why I have to break in to one of the toughest boxer in Bradford's dressing room?" I asked my so called friends as we walked towards the building.

"Because, it's the only way we will get some of Zayn Malik's stuff!" Claire stated, shoving me and a few of my other 'friends' behind the wall to the building.

"Lets just get this over with..." Rolling my eyes, I lend in to here the plan.

"Syd, you'll break into the club. We, me Alissa and Kate will stay here and wait for you to return. You will make sure no one is in the room then run and and grab something! Make sure NOT to get caught, got that?"Claire asked,

"Yeah..." I replied.

"Trust me, once you see him, you'll be drooling!" Alissa said. I shrugged my shoulders, running the plan through my head.


They chose me, being the youngest one, to sneak into this famous boxers dressing room - Do boxers even have dressing rooms? According to Claire, they do - and somehow find a piece of something he has touched. Obsessive much? Now I'm not a big fan of the 'Zayn Malik'. I barely know what he looks like, yet I still have to make sure that he doesn't see me... Bet yet, that no one sees me. This, will be easy. Barley anyone ever notices me.

"Syd! Go!" Claire said nudging me in the direction of the night club.

I walked down an alley that led to a back door of the nightclub. Unfortunatly, my luck was low. The door opened, reveiling a worker throwing away garbage. As he was walking, his back facing me, I quickly ran inside, letting the door close. I was completely lost. There were staires that went up, and staires that went down. The staires that go down must be the basement . . . right?

I ran up the stairs. I stopped and rested my hands on my knees, panting hard. I stood up straight and slowly opened the door infront of me. I looked left and right. A sign pointed to the right read,

"Arena." The left sign, I couldn't read because I was hearing footsteps behind me. I quickly turned left and ran down the hall, trying to find a cover.


I climbed into a dirty trash can and crouching down to hide myself. I felt a slimey substance drip on me. Oh, they are so going to get it once I'm done with this. I heard voices. It came closer until it was infront of the trash can. I felt something hit my back, liquid trailing inside my shirt. I almost gagged at the smell of beer. Great, I have gooey substance and beer all over me. I probably smell like a zoo animal. The voices faded away, making it quiet.


I quickly hopped out of the trash can, my hair and outfit all wet. A door opened, making me crouch down behind the trash can.

"Malik! You're on in ten minutes! Hurry the bloody hell up!" A man yelled,

"Alright alright simon! Hold on!"Another voice shouted.


It sounded more young and quite dull. They passed me and walked down. I checked out both of them. One was too old, the other seemed to be my age, 19. He had dark brunette hair and a white tank with black shorts and black sneakers. He had a a bunch of tattoos, well from behind you could tell. I looked down the opposite hall to see the door slowly closing. I quickly jumped up and saved the door from closing. I looked down the hall where they walked down. Not seeing them, I took this chance to read the door "Zayn Malik" A smirk grew on my face as I walked in, quietly closing the door, even though it could close itself.

I looked around the neat room. Nothing out of place. I wanted to examine more, but that's not why I'm here. I looked for something to take. I hate how they are making me do this. I'm sorry Zayn Malik, please don't beat me to death! Wow, now that I think of it, I'm stealing something from a professional boxer, who might come back at any minute. I rushed around, spotting a watch. Eh, that's something he touched. I grabbed it, placing it into my pocket.


"One sec Simon! I forgot my water in my room!" I heard a familiar voice yell from outside the room. I panicked and jumped behind a sofa. I heard the door open and close. I tried to nuzzle as far down as I could go, while being quiet.


"What the?" I heard the same voice whisper. My eyes widened. I left a dirt puddle of beer that dripped off of me all around his dressing room. I would like to thank God that it didn't lead to where I was hiding. "Aye, Simon! Come look!" The voice shouted.

"What!"Another voice grumbled. "What is this? What did you do Malik!" The same voice shouted, causing me to flinch. 


"Nothing! I left to go practice, but before I left, it wasn't there! And when I came back, now you know the rest," I heard Zayn shout back.

"Clean it up! We don't have time for stupid crap like this!" The simon guy said.

"I ain't cleaning up crap that ain't mine!" Zayn argued.

"You better! Or I'll make sure you lose this match!" It got quiet after that. The door opened then closed. I peaked to see that I was still stuck in my hiding spot.

"Stupid manager," I heard Zayn mumble. My heart was pounding and I tried to control my heavy breathing as best as I could. The silence is not helping one bit. My phone buzzed in my pocket making me freeze. Again, I would like to thank God for having it on vibrate. I slowly pulled it out. The lighting better not give away my hide out.

From: Claire:

Are you in yet?


The girls are making me watch Nialls match. but, we have to be careful around security, we didn't pay to watch. I was about to quietly reply when I heard a growl above me. . . I looked up and met a pair of dark brown eyes. Oh crap...


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