Bradford Bad Boy

Zayn is a famous boxer. Only involved in boxing, nothing else. That is, until one night before his match, Sydney's some how stumbles her way into meeting him. But not the way she would have wanted to. No one can steal his heart. No one..... But her.


3. Personal.

"I plugged my headphones in my ears and played my absolute favorite song, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I opened my new book called, Meant To Be. I was sitting on my chair behind the desk of the local library I work at. I rarely lift my head out of a book once I begin to read. It's what I enjoy most. I began to hear loud screams over my music. I mentally groan as I close my book, only reading a sentence before being interrupted. I looked up to find a lady in her mid-thirties, carrying a screaming and crying new born baby that's appears to have just gotten out of the hospital. Hey, I keep track of my 3 younger siblings! I'm not getting into details.


"Sorry for bothering you, but I can't seem to find section E," She spoke, trying to calm her baby by swaying back and forth and patting his or her side gently. I kindly smiled and hopped off my rolling chair.


"Of course!" I said, happily. I always love having customers come up and ask me where this aisle or that aisle is. I have no idea why, but I just find it fun and exciting to know what kind of books they are looking for. "I always have people coming up and asking where aisle E is, and I mean always!" I blabbed as she listened and laughed, occasionally adding a few words here or there, mainly everywhere. Sorry, it was tempting to finish the sentence with a rhyme. Ok, I may have gotten that from Dr. Seuss. I'm a book worm and I love it! "Here is aisle E, ma'm." I finished, making a gesture to the aisle that is marked as E." 


"Thankyou so much!" She exclaimed, sighing in relief. I laughed and nodded, walking back to the circulation desk, plopping my butt on my cushioned seat. I was about to put my headphones back in, when the front door opened with the little bell ringing, causing me to look up at the loud chatter that suddenly filled the - almost - empty and quiet library. This time, I groaned loudly. It was the jocks that go to my school. I noticed Claire, Alissa and  Kate, huddled in the group, talking away to some obnoxiously tall jocks. Well, that's a new. No, literally, I have never heard or seen them talk to the most popular boys at Baybrook high. It almost frightens me, thinking that all the secrets I have told them, they could transfer it to these boys, who can barely keep their mouths shut. They are the jocks that spread false or true rumors. They completely sicken me.

"Aye! It's Grandma! C'mon guys! Lets all sit in a circle while she reads us one of her stories!" One jock called out, insulting me, which made all the other jocks laugh. I looked over to the girls, who were smiling and twirling their hair as if they didn't hear that hurtful sentence directed at me. I rolled my eyes and tried my best to ignore their rude comments. "What's the matter Grandma? Not in the mood for story time?" The same jock asked after a few minutes. It became silent. I was looking down at my interesting book. I heard feet shuffle, feeling someone infront of the desk that kept its place inbetween me and the person. A hand grabbed my book. I looked up to see the jock holding it behind his back. "If not, I have a story for you," He harshly whispered, as a smirk grew on his face, "Once upon a time, there was this ugly girl who couldn't go anywhere without getting shunned. She was constantly reminded how much of a loser she was. She spent her days reading books like any typical loser would do," I couldn't stand it. He was driving me insane with this idiotic, 'story'. "One particular day, she was reading too fast, her eyeballs began to pop out of her eye sockets! She felt that her brain was going to explode. So,-" I screamed and covered my ears.

"Stop, stop, stop, stop!" I screamed. The hard pressure on my ears were causing them to ache. After a while of screaming, I could hear eveyone chorusing in laughter. "Give me my book." I sternly spoke after my little tantrum and their laughing session.


"What book?" The jock asked, revieling my - now - ripped and shredded book that was hiding behind his back. Tears started to spill from my eyes. I covered my mouth, trying my best not to scream again. They all laughed until they dropped to the ground, clutching onto their stomachs, tears of HAPINESS streaming out of their eyes.


"Oh come on Finn. That was her favorite book, and she was almost finished with it." I heard Claire speak. up as she approached Finn and me. I can't believe she was the only one (besides me) NOT laughing. The other girls were in hesterics, making tears only stream down my face even more.


"She'll suck it up," He chuckled. "Big Girls Don't Cry. You might wanna listen to Fergie." He added. "Oh who am I kidding! You aren't even old enough to know about puberty." He made another joke, causing me to fume in anger. Keep your cool Sydney! I sighed and tried to ignore them, once again. After a few minutes of the group trashing a few aisles and cursing out loud, they finally left. I sighed, completely tired. I checked my watch, 6:30. My shift ends now. I logged off of the computer and grabbed my converse backpack, heading out the door. As I walked out, the cool breeze hit my face, making me smile. I walked down the sidewalk, listening to faint noises of sirens and birds chirping along with the rustling of tree's due to wind. I almost shed a tear, thinking about my torn up book. He had placed the ripped book on the desk. Before I left, I placed it in my backpack. I'm going to have to tape it back together.

""Oh my gosh! Kelsie! Zayn Malik is back in the ring!" I heard a girl shriek behind me, causing me to flinch at the sudden loud noise.


"No way! How do you know!" Another girl chimed in.


"He tweeted saying, and I quote, "Sorry I let you down. Something-" She stopped and groaned. "Crap! My phone died! I forgot what else the tweet said." She complained.


"Lets go back to my house. My phone is being repaired and I'm DYING to know what he tweeted!" The other girl squealed. I heard them turn the corner as I crossed the street (looking both ways, of course) still curious as to what Zayn had tweeted. I pulled my phone out, checking to see if I had downloaded Twitter. What other app has the saying, "Tweet"? I thought so! I quickly downloaded it.


It finished downloaded. Great, now I have to go through the, "Create An Account!" system. I quickly typed in, @Syd_ney and made my password. I went through the system of picking out an icon picture. I chose my favorite photo I took while hiking in the mountains during winter break. I typed in, "Zayn Malik", imediatly fan pages came up. There was a little blue circle with a white check mark next to an account. Curious, I clicked on that account. I looked at the tweet and knew it was Zayns twitter; 'Sorry I let you down :\ something came up and I guess it distracted me. I'm sorry everyone. I'll be in the ring tonight! Check my fanpage to see where! Buy tickets! Thanks Malik fans!' The tweet read. I - oddly - smiled. My smile faded and turned into horror once I heard a honk next to me. Embarassed that I hadn't realized I was in the middle of the street, I quickly ran over to the sidewalk, letting the long line of drivers have access to leave. I made it to my house. I ran inside and into the kitchen where my Mother was cooking something yummy.

"Good afternoon Mom!" I spoke up, gently hugging her before running upstairs. I heard a faint reply as I shut my bedroom door. Don't worry, all she said was 'Hi pumpkin!'. She always says that when I come home from my shift. I sat on my bed and got the information on Zayns match tonight. My heart sunk once the page refreshed, big red bold letters read, "SOLD OUT". I groaned, stomping my foot on the floor. I remembered back to what happened last time I went to see Zayn. Hey! It's at the same arena. Maybe, I could sneak in and watch! I hopped off of the bed and pulled on my favorite white hoodie. I like hoodies okay! My black jeans were too tight to change out of, I'm lazy. I put on my brown uggs and walked downstairs.


"You look like you are going somewhere Syd." My little brother Colton spoke at the kitchen table where everyone was happily eating. And no one told me? I'll just get something later on.


"Huh? Oh, yea, I am. Is that ok Mom?" I asked, glancing at my Mom. She sighed and nodded. "Thankyou! I love you all!" I jokingly blew a kiss before heading out the door. Walking down the sidewalk, I realized how dark it was. It is actually peaceful. I felt anxious to see Zayn in the ring for some reason. To occupy myself, I started humming Radioactive. Told you it's my favorite song.

"Boo!" Someone shouted in my ear, causing me to scream. I looked over to see - sigh - the jocks and the girls. And it was Finn who scared me. Shocker. "I got you!" He laughed. "So, are you going to go see the match tonight? We all got front row seats." He asked after a while.


"U-uh, yea." I said. I'm not very good at lying!


"What row are you in?" He asked, clearly not seeing straight through my lie.


"Um . . . I'm all the way in the back. You won't be able to see me." I told him. Atleast that was true!


"Alright. Well, see ya loser." He said, walking off with his group after messing up my hair. I sighed and kept walking while trying to put my hair in a bun.

I looked around the nightclub. Those guards are such idiots! I snuck past so easily.


"Oh my god! I just saw Zayn!" Someone screamed. I looked in their direction and found a girl, fanning herself. I rolled my eyes and focused on my plan. I sat in the back, getting a BAD view of the boxing ring. I grunted and impatiently waited for the anouncer to anounce Zayn and his apponant. The lights dimmed and the crowd began to cheer. The spotlight was on an anouncer in the middle of the ring. He anounced the stupid  of opponent Zayns. I felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach once I saw Zayn walk out, heading towards the ring. He had on a white jacket. His sleeves were rolled up and the hood was hanging half on his head. His quiff was sticking out, making him more intimidating. He stepped in the ring and stood in his corner.

"I can't see." I whined to myself, getting an idea. I quickly left my seat and walked closer to the ring. I made sure the jocks weren't around. All clear! Rodger that! Le'go! I finally reached the very front of the seats. I stood behind the little barrier that was seperating everyone from running into the ring. I leant on it and watched Zayns coach give him a pep talk. His upper - exposed -body showed all of his tattoos. Some on his back, but most on his front. He flipped the hood off of his head and shook the jacket so that it would slip off of him. I intently watched as Zayn neared the guy he was against.


"I will kill you!" I heard Zayn shout, charging at the guy. It took a couple of referees to hold back Zayn, seeing as the match has not started yet. The referee went over the rules. The bell finally rang, signally the match was on. Zayn was the first to throw a right punch to the guys face. The match got so intense, I realized that people were breaking down the barrier that kept us from the ring. The barrier broke and everyone crowded the ring. I roughly pushed through the crowd, finally stopping right infront of the ring. I placed my hand on the red rope that was eye level with me. I looked around and noticed everyone breaking out into fights. This was chaos! It appeared that Zayn hadn't taken any care in what was happening around him. I was becoming a little scared that someone would hit me. I heard whistles and yelling from police officers. The entrance was completely filled with officers. The bell rang again, signalling the match was over. I turned around, only to be pushed against the ring. My back dug into the edge, causing me to whince. I looked up to see a guy.


"You did this!" He growled over the loud shouting.

"Did wha-?" He cut me off by slapping my cheek. I cried out by how much it was stinging.


"Suck it up!" He shouted again. Ok, what is this guys problem? I tried to hide in the violent crowd so he wouldn't see me. People were pushing me around, causing me to stumble. Somehow, I became a human punching bag. I experienced a punch to my stomach, eye, arm, and a kick to my knee. I limped over to a corner and rested my back against the wall.


I was too afraid to sit on the ground, who knows, maybe someone would fall ontop of me. I lifted my good arm and wiped my sweaty forehead. Believe me when I say it is really hot in this club. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. The crowd was throwing as many punches as they could.


I don't know how I am the only one who does not want to be in this violent crowd. The club lights were flickering everywhere, and the music was still blaring a song that I finally had the time to recognize; One More Night by Maroon 5. I closed my eyes, wishing this was all a bad dream. I want to be in bed, reading my NONE ripped book of Meant To Be. I want the girls to appriciate me and stick up for me. I just want this whole exact day, to never exist.


"Break up! I order you to break up!" I opened my eyes to find the police shouting and blowing through their whistles. Some people pushed and shoved the police, imediatly getting handcuffed and sent to police cars. I'm really desperate to get out of here. My eyes widened when I found Zayn  in the crowd, fighting also. Before I could process what I was doing, I limped closer to him and began to shout his name.


He shot his head up and looked around him. He turned his head and spotted me. Dropping the guy in his grip, he began to walk over to me with such confidence. I was scared once I saw how his expression was angry.

"What are you doing here this time?" He asked, gritting his teeth together. He spotted the bruises I had received, and shook his head.


"Uh, I-I . . ." I was speachless on what to say. He grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him while he pushed through the crowd to get us away from everyone. We were in an empty hallway. He faced me, his expression telling me he wasn't pleased at all.


"What are you doing here?" He repeated, stepping closer to me. I took a step back, not comftorable at how close he was. Teachers have taught me, hoola-hoop space! What? Nothing wrong with that.


"I-I wanted t-to see you again?" I said, well, accidently questioned. He sighed and looked down the hall. After a minute, he slowly turned to face me.


"You do realize, I'm not a lover boy." He spoke, taking a few more steps towards me. I was too hypnotized by his beautiful blue eyes, I didn't notice how close he was. "I don't have crushes, I'm never in a real, comitted relationship, I never loved anyone, and I certainly have a habit of keeping things that I want." He stated. I was confused as to why he was telling me this.


"O-ok." I stuttered, finally noticing that his forehead was pressed against mine. He searched in my dull brown eyes for any expression. All he got was my nervousness and confusion.

"Tell me, why you wanted to see me, again." He smirked, bringing his hand up to caress my cheek. I shuddered in his touch.


"I d-don't know." I answered, truthfully. He let out a devious chuckle, still keeping the smirk on his face. He placed his free hand on my back, roughly pulling me against his chest, causing me to gasp in shock. He slowly removed his hand from my cheek, guiding it to my back. "W-what are-"


"Babe, please, don't talk." He cut me off, glancing down at my lips, making my heart beat faster. He dipped his head down to my neck and nuzzled his face deeper. "You smell sweet baby." He complimented.


"T-thanks." I said, unsure.


"What's your name?" He suddenly asked.


"Sydney." I answered.


"I like that name. It suits your sexy face." He lifted his head and looked into my eyes. His smirk coming back again. "We should get you home Sydney." He spoke after a while.


"I-I can walk." I said. He shook his head.


"Too dangerous." He stated.


"But, you barely know me?" I said, confused again.


"You may think that I don't. You never know princess." He said, gently and slowly kissing my nose. I furrowed my eyebrows. What is he on to?

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