Bradford Bad Boy

Zayn is a famous boxer. Only involved in boxing, nothing else. That is, until one night before his match, Sydney's some how stumbles her way into meeting him. But not the way she would have wanted to. No one can steal his heart. No one..... But her.


2. More.

"You're not even supposed go be in here young lady," He harshly spoke. I slowly stood up, my spine cracking from crouching down too long.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, horrified by his mad image infront of me.

"What are you even doing in here?" He asked.

"My friends kind of, like you so they chose me to sneak in here and take something that is yours," I confessed, feeling ashamed that I let the girls take over me like that. He scoffed and shook his head before running a hand through his perfect dark quiff. I wonder if it's soft, or what it is like to run my own hands through it-whoa, just shut up Sydney. Just a look, not a single touch.


"Look little girl, I don't have time for your bull crap. Just take your belongings and get out of here," He hissed, emphasizing 'your'. Well, now I know where I'm unwanted. Since I had nothing with me, I slowly walked towards the door. As I opened it, someone pushed it fully open, causing me to stumble and fall on my bum. I looked up to see the same guy that walked down the hall with Zayn earlier.

"Who is she?" The guy asked.

"She's a fan Simon," Zayn answered/lied.

"There better be no funny business between you two," The Simon guy strictly stated.

"Nope, no sir, no funny business," I spoke, getting up and dusting off my pants."


"Good," He responded. I looked inbetween both of them before quickly walking out of the room and down the hall. I smirked; I still have his watch. I feel so rebelious. Who would think the nerdy outcast of the whole school, sneaking into a very famous boxing champions dressing room, only to take one of his expensive belongings. Expensive. Oh crap, this watch must have cost a fortune! I groaned, now feeling guilty. He did not seem to care about the watch though, or else he would have asked for it back after I pretty much told him I was in his dressing room to steal something from him. I pulled the watch out of my pocket and fiddled with it before hearing voices from behind me. I turned and looked over my shoulder to see security aproaching me. I quickly broke out into a run towards the doors that led to outside.

"I command you to freeze!" One security officer shouted. What is this Wizards of Waverly Place? They are like Justin Russo!-  "I said freeze!" The same security officer shouted again. I hopped down the stairs, feeling fully rebelious. It is a bit free and fun. I smiled and laughed as I opened the exit door, running full spead down the sidewalk. I probably look like an idiot, laughing while escaping security. I'm having too much fun with this, I'm completely ignoring the fact that my body is tired of running. I want them to chase me more. I looked behind me seeing in disappointment that they had walked back inside. I pouted but took a moment to catch my breath. Laughing to myself all the way back.

"What was that all about!" A voice shrieked, causing me to jump in startle. I sighed in relief seeing the girls look at me in confusion.

"Just having fun messing with the security! We should do it more often," I told them, smiling like an idiot. They shook their heads and rolled their eyes.

"Did you get anything?" Claire asked, eagerly. I put my arm out, showing them the black and silver watch. They all screamed and fangirled. Kate reached out to grab it, but I quickly pulled it away from them.

"Now, now. I had to hide in a dirty trash can, get covered in blue cheese dressing and beer before breaking into his dressing room, as I was searching in his room, evidently he almost spotted me as he walked in, but soon he found me and-" I was cut off.

"You talked to him!" Claire squealed, freaking out.

"Only until he told me to leave. I left and to my luck, someone must have told security because they chased me all the way out of the building. It was awesome!" I exclaimed, sighing happily. Call me crazy, but it was deffinatly a big highlight in my life. Something fun I did for once


"Let's go watch him!" Alissa finally spoke. We all nodded and snuck into our little seats were no one could see us. After minutes passed, he and his opponant finally stepped in the ring. The bell rang, signalling their first match has started. I cringed as I watched the guy he was facing, beat the life out of him. I have never watched or seen boxing, so I wouldn't know how hard they swing at each other. It looked pretty hard though. I would cheer along with the girls when Zayn would start throwing punches.

"C'mon Zayn!" Claire screamed. I smiled and started to scream even louder.



"Get up Zayn! You can do it!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, not knowing I could scream that loud. For some reason Zayn looked around the crowd before getting up, only to recieve a blow to the face, again. The guy threw another punch, which caused Niall to imediatly drop. He made no effort in getting up or moving. I wasn't close enough to see if his eyes were still open.

"What's going on?" Kate asked. I was too shocked to answer. I'm becoming really scared right now. People in the crowd are boo'ing as they put Zayn on the gurney and wheel him out of the arena.

"This is totally not how I wanted to see him win," Claire muttered, disappointed.

"Why are you upset about only that? He could be seriously hurt!" I told them.

"Listen Sydney, we know you've never been to a match before. They usually get hurt. It's a normal thing for boxers," Alissa explained, a little more rudely then I expected.

"Oh sure, so at the end of their match, they all are wheeled out on a gurney to head for the hospital," I replied, sarcastically. They rolled their eyes as they got up and began to exit our hiding area. I got up and quickly followed after them, listening to their conversation.

"I don't get it. He's never lost a match,"

"I know. It almost looked as if he was distracted by something,"

"I've told you many times Claire, things like this happen when you spray that ugly and disgusting perfume on,"

"Shut the heck up Kate. My perfume is wondeful!"

"Guys, can you please drive me home?" I interrupted them. They looked at me and nodded before continueing their conversations. I did as they asked, and I get this in return. Blocked out like I'm not even there, as usual. It gets annoying and stupid sometimes. They don't even find interest in what I have to say, like everyone else. It is as if my opinion does not matter at all. I am getting sick and tired of it.

"See you Syd!" Kate called out, driving away before I could respond. I sighed and shut my front door, locking it before trudging up to my room. As I entered my room, I brought out his watch and placed it on the small table beside my bed. I changed into my jammies and crawled in bed, snuggling in the covers.

The girls said this has never happened to Zayn Malik before. Why now all of the sudden? It is really going to bug me if I don't find out. And I am determined to try and find out.

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