Cece is just an ordinary girl, well that's what she, as well as wveryone else thinks. On her sixteenth birthday she recives powers. It's up to her to keep Earth safe. She also has to rule the fantasy land as their princess. Cece is different... And she likes it.


3. The Fantasy World (Cunventry)

I began to somehow go to my kingdom, which is mainly called The Fantasy World. I live in the very middle of the kingdom, in an enormous castle. The kingdom had many towns including Mermaida, Weretown, Vampire Village, Flying Creature Forest, and Witch Land. I love each and every town there!The Fantasy World is also called Cunventry. The people are all very friendly!I have two best-mermaid friends, Merlee and Merlea.They are twins. Merlee has blonde hair with light purple streaks. She has a light purple tail to match her streaks. Merlea also has blonde hair, but instead of purple, she has hot pink streaks and a hot pink tail. I have three best-vampire friends, Jake, Claire, and Marie. Jake had jet-black, spiked hair. He was 17 years when he became inmortal, now he is around 98 years old. Claire has blood-red, curled hair. She was 18 years when she became a vampire. Now she is about 103 years old. Marie has bleach-blonde, straight hair. She was 16 when she became a vampire. She is about 93 years old now. I have one best-witch friend, Selena. Selena has dark-blue, stright hair. She is 16 years old. I don't have a best-fairy friend, Fairia is more of a second mother. I have no were-wolf friends. I don't have a pack, I'm a lone-wolf.

I fit in everywere I go here! Why can't it be like that on Earth? Besides my powers, I'm pretty normal... I like a boyband, I go to school, I know what it's like to be human... So why am I not accepted on Earth? Gigi and her "friends" are still mean to me all the time. But I have learned how to control my erges to use my powers on her. Fairia says that I have to protect humans, not endanger them. Besides that, if I hurt or kill a human, I'm breaking Cunventry's laws. I'm the princess, so that would be bad...

There are some things about Cunventry that aren't all that great though... Like the "rebels". They are an evil band of creatures that do everything in their power to hurt others. They love breaking the laws. They are out to destroy me and take control of Cunventry. If they are in control of my world, they could destroy Earth.

I'm just happy I have an ecsape, somewhere I belong! This is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

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