Cece is just an ordinary girl, well that's what she, as well as wveryone else thinks. On her sixteenth birthday she recives powers. It's up to her to keep Earth safe. She also has to rule the fantasy land as their princess. Cece is different... And she likes it.


2. The Dream

That night I had a dream that a fairy came to me.  "Don't fear what is happening. You will be all-powerful. You are the ruler of the fantisy world, and the savior of Earth. You are a vampire, a werewolf, a mermaid, a witch, you are able to fly. All mermaids have powers. You are one of the only mermaids to have Combined Amatokinesis, the combination of all powers. Use your powers wisely! With great power comes with great responsibility. Good luck Princess Cece."  Then I woke up.
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