Cece is just an ordinary girl, well that's what she, as well as wveryone else thinks. On her sixteenth birthday she recives powers. It's up to her to keep Earth safe. She also has to rule the fantasy land as their princess. Cece is different... And she likes it.


1. The Begining

  "Happy sixteenth birthday sweetheart!" my mother said to me as I walked down stairs. I smiled at her  "Thanks."  "Something wrong sweetheart?"  "No mom, everythings fine." I said smiling at her. But there was something weird going on with me...    *Flashback*  I got up an looked in the mirror. My eyes were a mix of diffrent colors. Normaly, they were green, but now they were ice-blue with gold streaks in the irises. There were a few thin light-red streaks in my irises as well. I shook it off and went to brush my teeth. After brushing, i looked at my teeth in the mirror. They look wicked sharp! I felt them with my thumb, they felt like dog teeth... I just wanted a breakfast of some meat (bacon, sausages).  So I quickly got dressed and went down stairs. *End of Flashback*  I ate my bacon happily and went out to the bus stop. The bus came five minutes late! When the bus got to school, the bell had just started to ring. I hopped off the bus and ran into the doors.  " Look who it is, the scumbag." yay, Gigi, just who I wanted to deal with!  She pushed me into the locker. Gigi's "friends" laughed. I rolled my eyes. "You did not just roll your eyes at me!"  "I think I did, got a problem with it?" I didn't know why I was acting like this, like I was aboe to win a fight!  "Ya I do. Anything you gonna do about it, you discusting pig?!"  I growled, GROWLED!! And I wanted to just tear her limb from limb! I was thirsty for a fight. I pushed her out of my face and ran to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, my eyes wwere the same as this morning, but more...firece, and...myseterious, beautiful. I was begining to look diffrent to. My eye-lashes were a little bit longer. I felt so much different...but I liked it. My light brown hair was getting aqua-blue streaks.  That night I was looking through the fridge, when I seen uncooked meat. The blood was still on it. I bit my lips, I relized I had fangs! I took the uncooked meat out of the fridge, and drank the blood from it! Then I ate the meat! I looked at the moon, it was full. I ran outside and howled. Then I just changed... I was a giant wolf! Then everything went black. I woke up in my room, the sun was just comming up. I looked out my window at my pool. I was DIEING for a swim! So I got my bikini on and walked out side. I ran to my pool and dived in. My legs felt funny. I came up, then I went under again and looked at what used to be my legs. Now I had a blue and gold tail. And I was breathing. So I was a mermaid, a werewolf, and, seeing I had fangs, I was probably a vampire. What else could I do?  That night, my parents got mad at me for failing a quiz by three points! I got mad and then I held my hand out straight, a bright purple orb formed from my hand and went flying away from my hands. It hit the wall, making a huge hole! Then I ran outside and jumped into the air. I began to fly, FLY! I went to the roof and stayed there for a little while.   
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