Dream Girl

Harry always has the dreams. Every dream contains a girl. She always leads Harry, tells him things. Convinces him. He always follows her. He wants to find her. What happens when Harry's dreams become reality?


2. Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up before everyone. Or I was up all night so I had no choice. I looked through my phone book and searched for a Parker. There was nobody. 

"Harry? You up?" I heard Perrie ask. 


"Can I come in." 


She sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder. 

"Harry I think you should get out more. Forget about this girl in your dreams." She sighed. 

"It doesn't work like that. I love-" 

She cut me off. "She's not real."

"Yes she is." 

"Says who?" She asked. 

"Her. Parker." I stated. 

"You named her?" 

"NO! She has her own name. Perrie! She's real!" I cried. 

"Ok. Well I hope you don't mind but i made a date with my friend Tanner and you. At starbucks Tonight. At 8pm. So... Be ready!" She said cheekily walking out the room. 

I sighed to myself. I can't date someone not while I'm with Parker. I shook my head and sighed again. 'Shes only a dream. She's only a dream.' I chanted. 

There was a knock on the door again. And in came Louis. 

"Hey buddie." Louis smiled. 


"So how's your um dreams lately?" He asked. 

"Look I'm in love with a girl named Parker. And I don't even know if she's real! If that's what your getting at just...LEAVE!" I yelled. 

Louis stormed out. What was I thinking. I'm hurting the people I love over a girl I have no idea exists. I decided to take a nap to clear my thoughts. 

I blinked once then my eyes shut. 

I was now dreaming. I could tell by the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore. 

There I saw her. She was by the shore Just sitting there. 

"Parker?" I said hesitantly walking towards her. 

"Harry. I need you to find me!" She ordered getting off her bed. 


"Tea." She said.

"What do you mean tea." 

And before I knew it, I was up. Alone. And just confused. What the hell does tea mean? 

I decided if get ready and shower for my date tonight. 

I smothered myself with Cologne. And fixed my curls.  

Next thing I knew I was at Starbucks waiting for tanner. 

In walked a girl with black hair and green eyes. She was cute. 

"Harry?" She asked. 

"Yep... Tanner?" 

"Yep!" She smiled. 

She took a seat and smiled. "So why would we come to Starbucks at 8pm?" She laughed. 

"Uh perrie planned it." 

"I know." 

"So I guess I'll get the coffee. What do you want me to get?" I asked. 

"A medium ice coffee."

I nodded and walked up to the counter. There was a girl there. 

My heart stopped. It's her. 

"How can I help you?" She asked. 

"I-I want a." I stopped. "Parker it's me."

"I know." She laughed. 

"You remember me?" I cheered. 

"Of course I do. Your Harry styles."

"Yeah. Wait. Your in my dreams you know." 

"Okay... I get your flirting but that's.. Creepy." She said shying away. 

"But you made me come here. You told me things!" I cried. 

"Look maybe you should leave."

Tanner came up behind me and pulled me out of the coffee shop. 

"Harry. What's wrong with you?" Tanner asked. 

"Look your nice but.. I gotta go." I said. 

I ran home and went into my room.  

I laid down and forced my eyes shut. I fell asleep. 

Again I saw the beach. But this time no Parker. 

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