Long Story Short I fell in Love

I don't know how to explain how it happened or how it feels to fall in love with someone but I know where it started and it started when I met him.


9. Starved and Cut

Liam's POV

Mac was doing her solo but something was off. She didn't have that constant spark. I knew she wasn't doing to well. I noticed and Louis constantly kept me updated. Half way through her dance she fell, but didn't get up. I ran to her. She was slowly slipping. 

"Mac. Mac baby please wake up." I said while shaking her. I picked her up in my arms and ran off with her. I ran to the nurses office. The nurse pointed to an empty bed for her. As I laid her down her eyes opened. "Liam........" She whispered. 

"Yeah Mac I'm right here." I said. She rolled over and threw up. Nothing was coming out. I grew worried. She had tears streaming down her face.I got up quickly and rubbed circles on her back. Her body was shaking. Her tank top shoulder fell revealing a new tattoo. 


"What's this?" I asked. She looked up and suddenly. 

"A tattoo." She said. "I know that but what does it mean." 

"Struggle for Love." She said. I pulled her close. She closed her eyes and soon she was asleep. She was in my arms once again. The nurse came back in. 

"Mr. Payne, Miss, Green seems to have 2 degree anorexia, 1st degree bulimia  and severe depression. As seem on her arms and hips she has resulted to self harm. Do you have any idea what could have led to this?" She said. 

"I might know. Janelle Williams, Alexandra Ded, Margret Reed have been lets say torturing her since about 3 years ago. They thought that Miss. Green and I had history so it escalated. The boys and I have tried to reach out but other than Louis she has told us ...well lack of better term... she told us to screw ourselves. I've talked to her family and they say she has completely shut herself off from them. Louis is the only person remotely close to her. So if you need answers he's the guy. As far as I'm concerned she hates my guts." I said. Mac had her face buried in my chest. Her small hands latched onto my shirt. The nurse jotted down a few notes before closing her book. 

"She needs to go home and get some rest. Would you mind waiting for her while I call her parents?" She asked.

"I will take her." I told the nurse. She nodded and walked off. I scooped her up in my arms and walked towards the parking lot. She still had a death grip on me. I took out my phone and told Louis to meet me in the parking lot. He did. No questions were asked when he saw Mac. I got into the passenger side with her still in my arms. Lou got into the drivers side. The engine roared to life when he turned the key. She started to stir. Her eyes fluttered open. Her perfect blue eyes looked up into my brown ones. Eyes filled with tears. I brushed the hair out of her face. She latched onto my shirt and buried her head into my chest. She silently cried. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close. Louis pulled up into her driveway. I opened the car door. I carried her up to her room. I gently laid her done on her bed. I was about to leave when she grabbed my wrist pulling me back. 

"Stay." She whispered. I nodded and sat down next to her. I held onto her small waist. Her breathing became slow and even. I soon followed her into sleep.

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