Long Story Short I fell in Love

I don't know how to explain how it happened or how it feels to fall in love with someone but I know where it started and it started when I met him.


5. School

First block was quiet. Janelle wasn't in my class but Liam and the boys were in the office sorting things out. Right before the bell rang an announcement was made. 

"Student can I have your attention. We have five very talented, educated young men in our school today. They are hear to act as an in between  They are only a few years older that some of you there for it will be easy to talk to. If you have problems in the school talk to them and they will come to us. They will be going from class to class to help out. These boys are Niall, Harry Zayn, Louis, and Liam of One Direction. Please make them feel welcome. Girls dress code still apply's." 

I covered my ears because of the ear piercing shrill shrieks of teenage girls. The bell rung and I headed off to my next class....Dance. When I got in I saw Liam talking to the teacher. 

"Ms. Green do come here. I was just explaining to Mr. Payne what a wonderful dancer you are." Ms. Hall said. Liam shot me a wink from behind her and I blushed. Soon the rest of the class filed in. We all took our positions. 

"Miss. Green today is your day to present your duet." Ms. Hall said. I frantically looked for my partner who failed to show. 

"Ma'am James didn't show. Could I do one on the spot with Liam?" I asked. She questioned it.

"I'm happy to help." He said. She agreed. I grabbed my phone and chose a song. Remix by New Kids on the Block. The music started to play. I started to dance around Liam. He eventually figured out that I didn't care. We did the song. At the end we were standing face to face. Our foreheads touching. He started to lean in. Right before he kissed me I turned my head. It landed on my cheek. The whole class gasped. He looked so disappointed  I got up and ran out of the class. I ran towards the dance locker rooms when I collided with Louis. I quickly got up and ran into the room. I opened my locker and dirt, mud, and other things fell out. I was so pissed now. I stormed out of the room to see Louis waiting for me. I ignored him and went back into class. Janelle was dancing and Liam was just blankly staring into space. He saw me and all the color drained from his face. He saw me walking up to Janelle. 

Rage surged through me. I punched her in the stomach. She got up and went to punch me. I dodged it and gave her an upper cut that sent her flying. Ms. Hall was screaming. Janelle grabbed the teachers stick and broke it in half. She started to violently hit me. Ms. Hall got on the phone. Within minutes Zayn, Harry, and Niall joined Liam and Louis in the effort to pull us apart. 

"YOU STUPID SLUT!" She screamed.


"GO FUCKING DIE NO ONE LIKES YOU!" She yelled. She got free of Louis grasp and grabbed Liam by the collar pulling him down. She smashed her lips on his. I tensed. She pulled away and gave me a venomous glare. "No one, can or will ever love or like you. Your own dad picked my mother and I over you. Do the would a favor princess and die." She spat. 

"At least I have a dad you stupid bitch. Mine didn't walk out on my family like yours. Neither did my mom. So bitch go back to the whore house that you call home." I said. Venom seethed through my teeth.

"Yeah but your just a whore with no home. I heard a year ago you threw yourself onto a guy in senior year. When the sex wasn't good enough you lied and called rape. Almost ruined his life. Lying whore is all you will ever be." She said with a smirk on her face. I broke down that moment crying. Sobs shook me. I felt someone pick me up I looked up to see Liam red with anger. I clutched onto his shirt. I clenched my eyes shut. 

"Mr. Payne bring her to my office." Mrs. Hopkins the principal. Liam's arms wrapped around me. 

"I will take her home. I think you should investigate Janelle. I've heard that she has been torturing this girl." He said. She let him go. He placed me into the car and got in the drivers side. He was so pissed off, it actually scared me. We rod in silence. He pulled up to a beautiful white flat. I unbuckled my belt and followed him in with out saying a word. 

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