Long Story Short I fell in Love

I don't know how to explain how it happened or how it feels to fall in love with someone but I know where it started and it started when I met him.


7. Home

...... My dad stood there completely shocked by my presence. He must have noticed the state I was in because he opened his arms for a hug. I hugged him then started to cry. He shut the door then sat me down at the island in our kitchen. He started to make me hot chocolate. "Want to talk about it?" He asked me.

"He asked me out then not even 2 hours late I caught him pushing a girl up against a wall kissing her. Dad I feel so stupid. I've known him for not even a week but he is able to hurt me this bad." I said as he handed me a cup. I had the mini marshmallows on top. He had a mug of his own. Its was like old times. We started to talk.

"Well it's settled hun... you love this boy." He told me I almost choked on my drink. I shook my head but he nodded. Then the devils themselves walked in.

"Johnathan we need to talk as a family." Mary stated. Janelle has a bruised cheek, split lip, split eyebrow, and a bruised eye. My dads jaw dropped. 

"Janelle black and blue are good colors on you." Jack said entering the room. He knew I did it. Mary shot him a deadly look. 

"Sweety tell Johnathan what happened." Mary said.

"Well... today at school I was doing my normal routine and at dance, Mackenzie walked out of class and about 5 minutes later she came back in and started to hit me. She did this." Janelle said. My dad stayed silent and looked at me for an explanation.

"First of all I hit her first yes but... She has been torturing me for the past 3 years. D-" I started but Jack cut us off by slamming his laptop in front of all of us. He goggled 


He clicked on the first link. We watched everything. Mary gave me a comforting hug.

"Janelle you think someone would lie about rape? I am disgusted I want your phone, laptop, I Pod  everything down on this counter. No more friends or social events. You are officially grounded." Mary said. Janelle's jaw dropped. She stormed out of the room. My dad and Mary both wrapped me in a large hug. Seeing Liam in that video and the way he picked me up made me want to be in his arms. I felt safe with him like nothing and no one would ever hurt me again. The ironic part is that he ended up being the person the hurt me the most. I got up and walked to my room. 

"So he finally realized what a slut you were and left you? What did you think was going to happen? He is world famous Liam Payne and you are a fat, stupid, annoying nobody." Janelle spat. I continued to go to my room. I was too tired to fight with her. 

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