Long Story Short I fell in Love

I don't know how to explain how it happened or how it feels to fall in love with someone but I know where it started and it started when I met him.


2. Hidden

I ended my showers and put on a shirt that I got from Andy and a pair of grey spandex. I half assed dried my hair and put it up into a messy bun. I walked out and towards my room. My brother Jack was coming up the stairs followed by my dad. Jack went into his room without a word and my dad gave me a quick hug before disappearing into his. I slipped into my room. 

Liam was snuggled under the covers of my bed. He was dead asleep and his soft snores filled the room. I smiled before turning off the light and exiting the room. I walked downstairs to see my brother and dad setting up their boxing equipment. I let out a sigh. I loved to box but ever since I got breasts no one would train my, it was so sexist. So instead I decided to become a track star. I walked into the kitchen. My mum died two years ago and my dad was currently in a strong relationship with another woman. I was kinda glad considering I need a woman in my life. My dad came in. 

"Hey hun I'm bringing Mary home for dinner. You don't need to change because she has a daughter your age." He told me. I smiled and nodded.

" Hey Dad can I talk to you for a second?" He nodded. "Well today at the mall I was pushed accidentally by a boy. He is in that famous boy band and he was running from tonnes of screaming girls that attacked him, you've always taught me to help others so heisinmyroomsleepingrightnowpleasedon'tbemad." I said. He chuckled. 

"That's fine. He can stay the night if he wants and for dinner." He said. I sighed with relief  My dad could be really protective at times but others he trusted me to make good decisions. I walked up stairs and entered my room. I turned the lights on earning a groan of protest from Liam. I laughed. He slowly got up.

"Morning." I said cheerfully and sassily. He rolled his eyes and smiled. "Do you wanna stay for dinner/the night my dad is fine with that?" I asked.

"Yes I would love to. As long as it means I don't have to go to that blasted hotel. They have really shitty security." He said and flumped back on my bed. I laughed. I threw a pillow at him. He shot me a glare which made me giggle. "So that's how its going to be?" He asked, I nodded. Within two quick strides he picked me up and threw me on my bed. He started to tickle me. I laughed and squirmed under him. 

"STOP!" I squealed. "Not until you say that Liam is the best and I'm a secret unicorn named George." He stated. I raised an eye brow but said it anyway. He let out a sly grin. "Sorry you didn't raise your right hand." He said with a hint of sass. I scowled but he just laughed and fell on the bed next to me.

We just sat there quietly staring at the roof. I heard the doorbell and got up. I quickley changed my pants and put on blue skinny jeans. I fell a pair of arms wrap around me. "Forgot that I was here?" Liam  said. I jumped then realized what just happened. 

"Oh shit I am so sorry I promise I am not trying to be slutty, oh my god I fee-" He cut me off. 

"It's okay love, I never thought you were. I knew you were in a rush and when I saw you pull out the jeans I looked away." He said I sighed with relief. I gave him a hug. We walked out of my room and down the hall towards the dinning room. 

"Mackenzie hun, come meet Mary and her daughter Janelle." My dad said. just my luck it was the bitch Janelle that made it her personal mission to ruin my life. Mary gave me a big hug. She was plenty nice. Janelle scowled then saw Liam her jaw dropped. She took a step towards me and I already knew that this was going to be bad.

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