Maybe It's You...

Josaline is an Italian girl who just moved to England with her mother, Leonora, and her sister, Rachele. They only know a fair amount of English, but Josaline knows the most, and she's alright-ish with the language.Josaline is seventeen. She has never heard of One Direction because she never really paid attention to the press... She also never believed in boyfriends. Josaline is a book maniac. She reads while she walks. With an amaZayn turn of events, she just happens to bump into Zayn while reading... Josaline and Zayn get to know eachother really well, and eventually, Josaline lets her guard down for once and trusts Zayn with her life...


2. Oops...




"Josaline! I need you to go to the store to get us some food!" calls Mamma from downstairs. "Okay, Mamma!" I call back. "I have to go to the store. There's no food." I tell my best friend, Zara, on Skype. "Okay. Call me tomorrow. I will be busy all day, since I have to study for that test." says Zara. "Alright. Have a great Friday and weekend!" I say. "Ciao!" we say at the same time. I hang up. I go downstairs, put my coat on and grab my favourite book. I leave the house. I make sure my wallet has money. I start down the street, my nose in my book. I come out into a sort of town place. I keep reading. I have no idea where I'm going. I bump into a few people. "Perdonatemi." I say. Pardon me. I keep walking. Eventually, I get to the store. I have to put my book down. I put it in my purse. I get a basket and I get all the stuff that I need for the house, including ingredients for Mamma's famous home made Tiramisu. I LOVE Mamma's home made everything... I finish shopping and I walk with the bags in my arms. I continue reading. I am so caught up in the book that I bump into someone and fall over and someone is on top of me.


I walk along the street, looking at my phone. I look up briefly, and someone who's reading and walking at the same time keeps walking forward. Whatever, I think. I keep walking. I'm not paying attention, and obviously, neither is she because we both bump into each other and I land on top of her. Her groceries went flying. The girl blows hair out of her face. "Sorry." she sort of groans. "No, no, that's my fault." I say. I look at the girl directly in the eyes. She's beautiful. "Um, I should get off of you, shouldn't I?" I say. "Um, yeah, that might be nice..." she says laughing. I laugh and get off of her. We gather up all the groceries. All the eggs broke. "I can get you some more..." I start. "Oh, no, that's fine, I can go-" "No, really. In fact, I'm gonna get them right now. Stay here." I say.


The guy leaves and I guess he goes and gets me some eggs...

I read until the guy gets back with my eggs. "Hey, do you want to give me your cell phone number? So I can call you and text you and-" he whispers the next part and I can't really hear it. "What did you say?" I ask. "Oh, nothing. Forget it." says the guy. "Oh, um, by the way, what's your name?" asks Zayn.


"My name?" the girl repeats. "Yeah. Your name." I reply. "Oh, uh, Josaline." says the girl. I love her accent. "I'm Zayn." I say. We get each other's phone numbers and we go our separate ways.

I mumbled to her "and ask you on a date," but she didn't hear me, thank God.

I get home to my flat. I don't stop thinking about Josaline.



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