Broken Walls

Avalon was no ordinary girl, she was a mutant. After graduating college Avalon moved to London and became a One Direction stylist. After a while she noticed Harry might be falling for her. What she doesn't know is the boys have a secret. Avalon might have to solve a lot more than her problems. (I do admit that this isn't my best story mainly because its my first so sorry if it's bad...)


21. One Single Tear

Harry's POV

The door was open when we got there. We all ran in there and saw Christian infront of Nicole. We all stopped, Christian looked back "would do like to watch the show also? If you try to fight you will all die now sit." We sat down and Nicole stood up. Christian smiled "well Nicole would you like to tell them why I'm here." Nicole cried "I dated Christian too, while he was dating Emma, but I didn't know he was dating someone else. When I found out I broke up with Christian and almost tried to fight him by myself. I lost and Christian still wanted to date, but I didn't now he's gonna get me back."

Avalon said "wait what do you mean get you back?" Christian smirked. "Enjoy..." I saw what I wish I hadn't seen, Christian looked at Nicole held his hand, Avalon stood up and had no control of her body. Avalon yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?" Christian put a knife in her hand.

Avalon's POV

I had no control of my body, Christian was controling me and I couldn't do a thing. He put a knife in my hand and tried to make me slash Nicole's neck. He made me look into his eyes and then I was really under his control. Control me took the knife and she slashed her neck, she fell to the floor, I felt like I woke up. I almost fell to the ground, when Harry caught me. I stood up and saw Nicole grasping for life losing blood faster and faster until she stopped losing and moving.

Nicole died and its all my fault. My whole body filled with anger grabbed Christian and pushed my hand into his chest. Blood going everywhere and I felt his heart I grabbed it and pulled it out of his chest. I turned it to stone in my hand and smashed it on the ground.I dropeped to the ground out of power and in tears.

Harry came up to me and said  "it's wasn't your fault, you had no control." I looked up "it is my fault and Zayn's gonna hate me forever." All I could think is its all my fault


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