Broken Walls

Avalon was no ordinary girl, she was a mutant. After graduating college Avalon moved to London and became a One Direction stylist. After a while she noticed Harry might be falling for her. What she doesn't know is the boys have a secret. Avalon might have to solve a lot more than her problems. (I do admit that this isn't my best story mainly because its my first so sorry if it's bad...)


6. Kidnapped

Harry's POV

I wanted to suprise Avalon by coming to her flat, but when I got there her door was busted wide open. I got really worried and saw a note:

  <Pretty Boy

       If your reading this Avalon is already gone and your too late. She'll get to call

       you but that's it. We'll let her go when we feel like it unless you find us

       which you won't.>

I dropped to the ground in tears. Who the hell would kidnap her, that's fucking crazy! I need to find her fast. After pacing for a little while I went back to my flat to meet the boys there. I got home and got a call from Avalon. I picked up and she was crying and screaming "PLEASE HARRY HELP ME I'M SO SCARED RIGHT NOW PLEASE!!!" Then the phone fell, but it was still on I heard her screaming and I cried it sounded horrible. Her last words were "I'M IN THIS WAREHOUSE NEAR THE PARK WE WENT TO HURRY!!" Than the phone disconnected. I had so much anger and I wanted to kill the bastard who took her.

We all drove to the warehouse which was deep in the forest. When we got out we were close because I could here screaming. We ran and found the warehouse, it was locked. Zayn used his black magic to open the door and we were in.

Liam's POV

We got in and Avalon was tied up, unconcious and was coverd in blood. We all saw two complete strangers. Harry yelled "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?!?" The first guy laughed and said "I'm the ex before you, Daniel and that's my brother. Move along pretty boy this isn't your fight." Niall was full of rage beacause Ava was his best mate and his eyes turned red and Daniel said "What's wrong with blondie over there." We looked back at Niall and next thing you know Daniel was on the ground screaming in pain. We remembered when you look Niall in his red eyes you have peircing pain. When they were distracted we tied them up and called the cops. Avalon was quickly rushed to the hospital and we were right behind her.

Avalon's POV

I woke up in the hospital and wondered how long I'd been unconcious, but for now that didn't matter because I felt so much pain mentally and physicaly. I sat up very carefully and saw Harry siting there asleep, but he woke up because i suck at being quiet. He got up and kissed me on the forehead and said "How did you meet that horrible guy?" I quietly said "I met him in college and after our first date he wanted a lot more than dinner. So I wanted to break up with him but he threatened me if I did I'd be sorry." I went on and said

"I didn't believe him an broke up with him. After college I got sick of him always watching my every move and moved to London from America. I didn't know he followed me." When I finished I was in full tears. Harry wiped the tears away carefully and said "I'm here for you now and I will always protect you. I won't let anyone do that to you again." He lay down on the bed with me and I fell asleep in his warm safe arms.


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