Broken Walls

Avalon was no ordinary girl, she was a mutant. After graduating college Avalon moved to London and became a One Direction stylist. After a while she noticed Harry might be falling for her. What she doesn't know is the boys have a secret. Avalon might have to solve a lot more than her problems. (I do admit that this isn't my best story mainly because its my first so sorry if it's bad...)


17. I need the real you

Harry's POV

I woke up and noticed I was next to Avalon. I probably fell asleep with her after what happened yesterday. I just looked at her as she slowly woke up. She opened her eyes and asked "We didn't?" I smiled and said "No we didn't, I was just here to comfort you that's all, Love." She smiled, I got up and went downstairs.

After a while she came downstairs too. We all just sat there and talked. Then Ava realized "Hey where's Emma?" We all looked at each other and walked around. We found her and walked her to the living room. She looked a little creeped out, so I asked "What happened to you?" She looked at me and said "Never barge into Zayn's room." We all just started laughing and Louis fell on the floor dying of laughter. She was just sitting there saying "its not that funny." then she'd start giggling. After we all caught our breaths we decided to pull a prank on them.

We all barged into there room and yelled "AHH MY EYES!!!!" They pulled apart and threw pillows at us. We ran out laughing and crying. Then Avalon held her head and screamed in pain, she fell to the ground. Emma said she was having a plant attack were if more than a million plants die it comes back to get her or if her evil side wants control. Emma said she was kidding about the first one, so she was pretty sure it was her evil side.

Avalon's POV

Dammit why does she want to be here now?! She is fucking crazy like she will rip someone's head off. I knew she would wanna come out sometime. She always aimed pain towards the head always. She swung me around and threw me down the stairs . When I got up she punched me in the jaw. I drop kicked her and flipped her. When she was on the ground I threw her out the window. I said "this is what you get for trying to take over." She came back and slapped me, then I knocked her back into the deep sleep she was in before she got out.

I sat on the floor against a wall. Out of breath and out of the world. There was mine and her blood scattered like the broken glass. Her blood was black mine was red. Harry rushed down the stairs, almost slipping on blood, and helped me get up. I started limping so he picked me up, I had broken glass stuck down my arm. I was in so much pain. When that bitch wants a battle I hope she suffers.

I guess we went to our little first aid room. Emma was there with gloves on ready to remove the broken glass. She was kinda part time doctor. I was put on a hospital type bed and she rolled my sleeve up, then I saw the glass and had to look away. I had like I gues about ten huge pieces of glass in my arm and a twisted ankle.  When she was done I barely began to heal. Harry carried me back up stairs and took me to my room. He sat me on the bed, we just looked at each other. He held my hand "I love you Avalon, I need the real you. I hope you win the battle." I hugged him "You have the real me until she wakes up. But for now you have me and I'll be ready when she attacks." We both just kissed for a while, but woudln't go a step further.

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