Broken Walls

Avalon was no ordinary girl, she was a mutant. After graduating college Avalon moved to London and became a One Direction stylist. After a while she noticed Harry might be falling for her. What she doesn't know is the boys have a secret. Avalon might have to solve a lot more than her problems. (I do admit that this isn't my best story mainly because its my first so sorry if it's bad...)


5. Great....Haters

Avalon's POV

After getting to work, we were told we'd get a break before the boys headed out on tour. It was kinda've a relief I'm gonna get to spend a lot more time with Harry, and get to know the boys a lot better. All of us got let off and Harry wanted to take me to the park again. I asked if anyone else wanted to come and Liam came too. Liam and I were like best mates now it was kinda cool.

When we got to the park we walked around for a bit.Then some fans found them and got their autographs. Then they wanted to talk to me and that really shocked me. I told Liam and Harry that I'd catch up to them. One of them came up to me and said "You stay away from Harry you bitch." I said "What the hell is wrong with you? Your a fan you should be supportive of him not hating what makes him happy." Then one of the girls pulled out a knife and held it in my face. Harry and Liam came running back. The girl saw them grabbed my arm and made a really big cut. The boys caught them before they ran away.

I was bleeding a lot. The police came and arrested the two girls and Liam and Harry took me back to Harry's flat. When we got there they rushed me in. I went to the bathroom and washed the cut the water was hot and i screamed a little. After that I came in and Harry put gause on my cut. He said "Avalon I'm so sorry our fans are really protective." I smiled and said "Harry its ok I'm fine and its not a big deal." Harry kinda clenched his jaw and said "Avalon it is a big deal thy could've really hurt you!" He looked at me with pain in his eyes. I put his face in my hands and smashed my face against his and we kissed for like ten seconds. I let pulled back and said "Please don't say that I'm ok and your ok that's all that matters."

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