Broken Walls

Avalon was no ordinary girl, she was a mutant. After graduating college Avalon moved to London and became a One Direction stylist. After a while she noticed Harry might be falling for her. What she doesn't know is the boys have a secret. Avalon might have to solve a lot more than her problems. (I do admit that this isn't my best story mainly because its my first so sorry if it's bad...)


4. Different

Avalon's POV

I decided to come to work a little earlier. So I put on my brown contacts when I got there. Then Harry walks in!!!! SHIT... He smiles and says "Good morning Love, what are you doing?" I kinda panicked and said "Just putting on my contacts babe." Hopefully he didn't see the color. He raised his eyebrow and said "Why do you need colored contacts?" Then I gave up and said "My real eyes scare people off and I really like you so I don't want to scare you away."

He smiled and said "I love you enough to look accept your flaws. I would never leave you like that" I blushed no body has ever said anything that sweet to me. So I slowly took of my contacts and showed him my purple eyes. He looked a little shocked than gave me a hug and said "See you had nothing to worry about they're beautiful." I smiled than said " But I'm still putting them on." He chuckled and said "Whatever you say." I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

Later the rest of the boys arrived and they had to start getting ready for an interview, then later a concert yay... After the Interview we had a little time so Harry took me on a picnic, but we had to be back in an hour. He took me to this park and we set up near these really pretty flowers. "Anything else come with those beautiful eyes?" I giggled and said "No." Its been a while since I dated anyone, I really didn't know what to say, so I just stared at his green eyes.

Harry's POV

I noticed she was just staring at me so I said "What?" She blushed and said "I haven't dated anyone in a while I don't really know what to say." There was something about her that made her different from other girls and I really wanted to figure it out. But now was not the time we had to go back and get ready for the concert.

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