Rock Me

Kristina, a twenty year old, can still remember summer camp with Louis Tomlinson three years ago. She and Louis broke up after the summer in 2009, but she and Louis finally touched base on twitter. Kristin couldn't believe that Louis asked her for coffee to talk and stuff... Maybe they can regain their Summer Love?

(A/N: She still lives with her mum, but is looking for her own place...)


3. The Song





After I'm done helping with mum, I poke her on the arm. "Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!" I say. "Yes? Yes? Yes?" says Mum. I laugh. "Um, can I get a song from iTunes?" I ask. "Sure, whatever. Tomorrow." says Mum. "I can't wait that long!" I say. "You'll have to." says mum. I roll my eyes. "Fine." I say. I go to the T.V room. I watch 1000 Ways To Die. I'm almost puking by the time it's over.


The Next Day***(FRIDAY)

"Mum! It's tomorrow now! can I get that song?" I ask Mum at the breakfast table. "Yes, I guess so." says Mum. I finish my breakfast.

I almost scream and run to my room. I search up Rock Me. I press the download button. I wait for it and it takes about forever. Finally, it's done. I go to my music and I press the play button. I'm crying the whole time.

I go on twitter. I post a tweet:

"I am now in love with the song Rock Me."

I log off before anyone can write anything, and by "anyone," of course I mean "Louis."

I put my iPod on the docking station and put Rock Me on repeat. I can't stop thinking about Louis. I mean, that song was just... I wonder if he meant it?

Okay, now I'm just setting myself up for disappointment...

Okay. I'm done thinking about this, because I'm just going to go insane with anxiety, worry and God knows what else.

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