Rock Me

Kristina, a twenty year old, can still remember summer camp with Louis Tomlinson three years ago. She and Louis broke up after the summer in 2009, but she and Louis finally touched base on twitter. Kristin couldn't believe that Louis asked her for coffee to talk and stuff... Maybe they can regain their Summer Love?

(A/N: She still lives with her mum, but is looking for her own place...)


2. The DM



My face gets hot with nervousness. I click on the message notification.

"Hey, remember me? Yeah, it's Louis(obvi). I was wondering if u wanna go for coffee sometime this weekend?"

My heart gets faster. I reply right away.

"OMG hey! Of course I remember u! I'd luv to go for coffee. Saturday? btw, I heard little things on the radio... luv it."

"Gr8. And thanks :) How about at Lantana's? Know where that is?"

"Yeah, I'm there a lot. :)"

"OK, cool. C u then! :) Oh, btw, please listen to the song Rock Me. Thanks. :)"

"KK. Cant right now tho. Not enough internet. srry."

"Thats fine... just, eventually?"

"Of course!"

"So, how've you been?"




"Well what?"




"Serious. well what?"

"I've just had the same dream for three years straight of the same face and its hard."



"I have dreams like that too."

"U do?"



"U 1st."

"Nah, bro."

"Oh, shoot, I gtg go. Bye bye. :)"

"L8er... C u Saturday."

I log off of twitter, my heart exploding. "Kristina! I need your help!" yells mom. I sigh and shut my computer off and go help her with whatever.

I log off of twitter. "Kristina! I need you!" my mom calls. I sigh. I really want to listen to Rock Me.


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