Rock Me

Kristina, a twenty year old, can still remember summer camp with Louis Tomlinson three years ago. She and Louis broke up after the summer in 2009, but she and Louis finally touched base on twitter. Kristin couldn't believe that Louis asked her for coffee to talk and stuff... Maybe they can regain their Summer Love?

(A/N: She still lives with her mum, but is looking for her own place...)


1. Memmory Dream




*I laugh as Louis hugs me and blows a raspberry on my neck. He kisses my cheek. I kiss him on his cheek, too. We talk on the grassy shore for a while. We don't care when the instructors tell us to come with them. "We're old enough to be instructors, too, so lay off!" I yell. Louis laughs. I don't want the summer to end. This is too good.

*End of Camp*

"Louis, I want to tell you something." I say. "Yeah," says Louis. "Um, well I-I just wanna say... I'll miss you..." I finish. "I'll miss you too." says Louis. I laugh. "I'll call. I'll write. I'll make sure to keep touch." "No you won't." says Louis. "What? Of course I will." I say. "No, you won't, and all I want is for you not to forget me. Please?" asks Louis. "O-of course!" I say. "I love you so much. But... You know, we probably won't see each other again, so I think it's best if we split..." says Louis. "I understand." I say. We hug. Louis and I wait for our parents to pick us up. My mom come first. Louis and I stand up. I kiss Louis goodbye. Damn. I run to the car. I get in the front seat. I wave goodbye to Louis. My mom leaves the camp, and I cry on the way home. God, Kristina, get ahold of yourself, you're sixteen.

"BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!" screams my alarm clock. I shut it off. The same dream since I was sixteen. The same bitter-sweet nightmere-ish dream. "Kristina!" yells my mother. "Wake up! You have football practice!" You might call it soccer.

"Coming, mother!" I yell. I get my football stuff on. I almost slip on my hard wood floor with my cleats on. "Don't slip!" my mom yells. "Thanks for the tip!" I yell back. I kick my ball out into the kitchen. "Here's your breaky." says my mom. she hands me a waffle ice-cream sandwich. "This isn't exactly healthy." I say. "Oh, sorry, that's Bianca's breaky. Yours is on the table." says mom. I give her back the dripping waffles. I sit at the table and eat my oatmeal. I finish in a hurry. I can't stop thinking about my dream. It's more clear and I remember it better now a days. I think I'm just sad. I listen to One Direction of course. I love it. It's just sad when Louis has a solo because I remember... well... everything.

I hurry out the door with my ball and into the car. "So, make sure you don't slack off today-" "Mum, I never slack off. I look back at my twelve year old sister, Becky, who has ice cream all over her mouth. "Uh, Becky, you got a little something there." I say. She wipes her mouth with her sleeve. I don't think she ever will grow up. I don't think she wants to. I laugh. We get to my practice.

"Kristina!" yells my best friend on the team, who is actually cousins with my best friend from school, calls. "Juliette!" I yell. I get out of the car. I kick the ball to her. She stops it. I run to Juliette. Practice starts and we warm up. I get through the practice without thinking about Louis. After practice, I get in the car and one single tear falls from my eye. Stop it, I think. Stop thinking about him. We get home and I go to my room. I take my soccer stuff off and I get into some comfortable clothes. I scroll through google looking for a place of my own. Then I log onto my twitter and find that I have one more follower. I check it and I almost break down. Yes, if you're wondering, I have had other boyfriends... Well, two. Whatever. I realize I also have a direct message. From Louis.

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