Rock Me

Kristina, a twenty year old, can still remember summer camp with Louis Tomlinson three years ago. She and Louis broke up after the summer in 2009, but she and Louis finally touched base on twitter. Kristin couldn't believe that Louis asked her for coffee to talk and stuff... Maybe they can regain their Summer Love?

(A/N: She still lives with her mum, but is looking for her own place...)


6. Meeting Mum






Louis pulls away. I look at him, shocked.

"Well, that was..." I start, but can't finish. "Look, if you don't actually want me back, that's fine, I'll just be on my way." says Louis. "No! Louis, I love you!" I say. Louis looks at me shocked, and frankly, I have a shocked expression as well. It's not a lie, it's just I didn't think that I'd say it today.

"You what?" Louis asks. "I- I love you..." I answer, turning red and looking down. "You do?" Louis asks. "Yes, please, stop asking, because I love you, and if I say it one more time I might explode!" I say.

"Wow... I love you, too..." says Louis. We then proceed to standing awkwardly in the middle of the street. I look up at Louis. "So..." I say. "So..." replies Louis.

We eventually start walking again, hand in hand, to my house. It takes a while because we walk extra slowly.

When we get to my house, we stand outside the door and don't say anything. "Do have to be home now?" asks Louis. "I think so." I reply. I look at Louis. "I still need your number." I tell him. "Oh, right." says Louis. We exchange numbers and then stand there again. I finally go on my toes and kiss Louis. Then I open my house door.

I'm about to walk in, when my mom calls out, "Oh! Kristina! Is that boyfriend of yours with you? I'd really like to meet him!"

"Oh, God..." I mumble. "Mum, please! No!" I call. Mum walks into view. "Oh, so you're that Louis that Kristina mumbles about in her sleep!" says Mum. I face-palm. "Mum, why?" I moan. "Oh, Kristina! You shouldn't be embarrassed!" says Mum. I give her a death glare.

"Yeah, Kristina! You shouldn't be embarrassed!" Louis jokes. I look up at him and slap his arm playfully.

"So, Louis, would you like to come in?" asks Mum. "NO!" I say. "Yeah, sure, that'd be lovely!" says Louis. "Oh, God..." I mumble.

We walk into the house. We sit in the living room. Then, as if on cue, Bianca walks in giggling like an idiot.

"You're Louis!" she giggles. "Kristina talks about you without knowing... when she's sleeping... it's funny!" Bianca says. "And I love your music!" she adds, giggling still. "Bianca go play with some Barbies or something." I say. "I don't play with Barbies, but you sure seem to still be attached to those stuffed animals of yours!" Bianca replies. "What the Hell are you talking about?!" I ask, blushing. Louis laughs. Bianca smirks. "Hey! I was sixteen!" I yell. "Yeah, yeah..." Bianca laughs, and walks out.

"So, Louis, aren't you the one that Kristina dated at Summer camp?" asks Mum. "Mum! How are you remembering that conversation?" I ask. "That was the first time you ever actually had an emotional melt down. I think I'd remember that particular car ride." laughs Mum. I huff and lean back on the couch. "Well, to answer your question, Mrs. Wellington, yes I am the boy that dated your daughter at camp." Louis says.

"Great!" says Mum. "Hey, Louis, do you wanna go to my room? I think my mum is busy with work." I hint at Mum. "Oh, yes! I am!" Mum winks at me. She gets up. "Okay." says Louis. We go to my room.

"Sorry about my mum... She's weird." I say. No, no, it's fine." replies Louis. I smile and we sit on my bed and talk for hours.

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