Rock Me

Kristina, a twenty year old, can still remember summer camp with Louis Tomlinson three years ago. She and Louis broke up after the summer in 2009, but she and Louis finally touched base on twitter. Kristin couldn't believe that Louis asked her for coffee to talk and stuff... Maybe they can regain their Summer Love?

(A/N: She still lives with her mum, but is looking for her own place...)


4. Lantana's





I wake up. Saturday... SATURDAY??!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I get to see Louis...

Okay, I better not screw this up for myself. I refuse to cry, I refuse to scare him away, I refuse to... Get emotional?? Yeah... That's right..... Okay, my goal is set to not scare Louis away and lose him forever.

I get up and go to my closet. I'm completely stumped...

I bring out all of my clothes and mix/match them. I finally settle on a romper, a fedora, a necklace and gladiator shoes. Good enough...


I run to my bathroom, brush my curly, curly hair and put it to one side. I decide to take off my fedora... It looks nicer. Okay, great. All set... MY WALLET!!! I search high and low for it...

"MOM!!! MY WALLET!!! WHERE IS IT?!" I yell in a panic. "On the counter!" calls mom. "Thanks!" I yell. I run and grab my wallet. I put it in my pocket.

"So, where are you going?" asks Mum. "Oh, you know that really famous guy, Louis Tomlinson? Well, remember how I dated him three years ago? Um, he wants to go on a date- well, I guess it might be a date but I'm not sure, but anyways, yeah, we're going to Lantana's..." I say. "Okay." says Mum. I smile, kiss her on the cheek and leave the house. I walk all the way to Lantana's.

I walk in and notice the clock on the wall... It's only 9:30 am... I guess we should have figured out a time... I'll go look at outside shops and stuff and booths and whatever. I'll stop at 11:00 and check again.

I go around. There's not many people outside yet... I don't really shop, though. I sort of just browse for an hour and thirty minutes.

I go back to Lantana's. I'm at the side wall that creates a short ally with the next building(no, it's not dark). I see Louis walk in. He doesn't see me. I turn and put my back against the wall. I breathe hard. I tear up. No. Don't cry.

I take a deep breath. I turn back and head for the door. I put my hand on the door. I take one more deep breath. Then, finally, I push the door open. Louis is sitting at a table by the window. He looks up from his phone and looks at me. He stands up and puts his phone in his back pocket.

We just stare at each other from the distance we're at. Then we walk to each other, meet half way, and embrace. I hug really tightly, and so does Louis. I can't stop the water works, no matter how hard my eyes are shut tight.

After a really long time, we stop hugging. Then we sit down in front of each other. I wipe my eyes. Louis smiles at me. I laugh. "What?" he asks.

"It's just... It's been a while." I say, laughing still. Then we both start laughing for no reason... Like, at all.

When we stop, it's really weird... We just sit, looking at each other. I can't believe this is happening. I break the silence by saying the most normal, cliché thing to say... "So, how've you been?"

Then Louis starts laughing again, and we repeat the whole laughing scene again.


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