My fallen angel

My name is Lola Hernandez and I'm not normal. My mother and father were in the csi, FBI and much much more. They were murdered and I was left with my little sister Alex. I went to a meet and greet when my sister got tickets somehow and that's where it all started....
.... I became a fallen angel....


2. Meet and greet gone wrong



I am a fan of one direction. I'm not obsessed like "OMGAWD IT'S ONE DIRECTION!! Imma cry!!!" Or as directioners call it 'dedicated'  No but I am like " they have nice music". I only like there music and haven't seen there faces. My sister , alex , for a fact is dedicated. She even bought one direction tickets to a meet and greet today even though i dont know how or where she got them. But oh well. I'm wearing a pair of res shorts and a black loose tank top that says 'hipsta please'. I have knee high converse and a red bow neck less. My hair is straight and goes to my pants waste line. Its chocolate brown, blue eyes and 18 years old. My sister is wearing tight with her Nandos  shirt. She insisted. Her favorite is Niall and she never found Nandos until like 4 weeks ago and now she's in 'love'. So now were on our way and my 8 year old sister won't stop fidgeting. "Stop moving" I told her "I can't! I'm so esited!" She said and I forgot to mention that she still has her baby voice. "Ok well were here" I said. 1...2...3..."abhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" She screamed. "Alex your gonna make me go deaf!" I said rubbing my ear because that Really Hurt. "I'm sowy" she said sadly. " it's ok just scream like that if something is wrong, ok" I said and she nodded. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!" "What Alex! What wrong now"" we're not getting owt!!!" She said "I ment if someone was trying to kill you or something " " oh well otay" and with that we got out. 


As I was in line people look at me like I was crazy but I pointed to my sister and they nodded and went back to their conversations. 

~~~~~4 hours later~~~~~

"OMG Lola! We're almost there! we only have... 3 more people ahead of us!" My sister said "I know " I replied. 


~~~~~~2 hours later~~~~~~

We were finally at the table and my sister already had Nialls and Louis signature on her 'up all night' CD. "PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD AND GET DOWN!" A man in a black suit said. " ahhh there you are" he spoke as I turned around " nice to see you again bob" I said with mischievous in my voice. " I finally found you. I will kill you, your sister and one direction just like I did to your parents" everyone gasped. " not unless I protect them " I said " you can't protect them! Your a weak , spineless, fool" he said. I smirked and said " watch me" I turned around where one direction were and saw them shocked and still sitting on the chairs. "Get down." And with that, they got down " now, if you may, get out and leave us alone, you cold hearted asshole" I said with no emotion whatsoever. " I don't think so" he said and his little gang came out of nowhere and stood behind one direction and held them in a tight grip. ' ok then' I thought. "Alex come here " " what is she gonna do, hit us" bob said sarcastically and his gang laughed like it was soo hilarious. I got Alex and said "give me your blanket". She knew what I meant. I put the blanket over her head and with my powers of me had disappeared. "Where the hell did she go!!" Bob yelled. " you'll see" and with that said, Alex was behind bibs gang and kicked there ball and knower them out cold. "Whoops " we both said. You'll pay for that!" He yelled furiously. He came towards me and I slipped under his legs, stood up behind him and grabbed his head and head bumped the table. He grabbed his head and ran towards me again. He tried to punch me but I grabed his wrist, twisted it, put his arm behind his back and broke his arm. "Aghhhh! You fucking shithead!!" He screamed out in pain " what can I say. I'm stronger than than I look."I said and smiled. " I will come for you, You bitch" he said In pain " hey! That's a mean word " I said and giggled. He groaned and left. I grabbed all his men one by one by there shirts and put them outsid in the alley way by the dumpster. "They'll wake up in 5-7 hours. " I said " will they remember" a dude in a bikini said. " are you gay ??" I asked" Yes" he said rather proudly. " nope. Enjoy" I said and left.  Once I entered the building, I grabbed my sister and hugged her. She Burt into years so I grabbed her face in both of my hands and said "hey, hey, stop crying ok. He's gone and so are those monsters you beat up. You stay here with one direction while I go get there body guards. Ok?""k sissy love yew" "love you too". I got up and went to Harry and said " hey umm imma get your body guards soo take care of my sister and don't let anything hurt her. Ok?" I asked with my fierce face on. And with that they all nodded rapidly. "Ok them". " Alex go" and with that she went. "You want me to stay with the beautiful?" She asked. " yeah" "ok!!" She ran to them and jumped on Niall. "Niall your my fabrite" she said in her baby voice " awe thank you sweetie." He said and kissed her cheek once they were in conversation, I went to the closet Paul and mike were in. I kicked the door open and  saw them looking terrified and holding each other like there lives depended on it. I laughed hard at the sight in front of me and they pulled apart fast. " ok girls time to get out of the closet. " they went deep red" who are yyou? " mike said " I'm the person that saved you and everyone's asses out there even your boys" I said and they look relived. They tanked me about twenty times which was really annoying. " SHUT UP!!" I yelled and they said sorry at the same time. Once we entered the doors where everyone was Paul and mike ran to where one direction was and hugged the like there was no tomorrow. I chuckled and on my wrist is a tattoo thing we fallen angels get when we enter earth. It says music in cursive. We're music angels that's why. It glowed and so did Alex's. we ran outside in the back and made sure no one was outside   We change into our wings and flew straight into the sky bit little did we know, that was a HUGE mistake.

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