Life Of Allie (One Direction Fan Fiction)

You wear a shirt once and say it’s dirty. I only have one shirt. You complain of your closet being too full. I don’t have a closet. You complain of not having enough money. I have no money. You complain about being cold so you turn up the heat. I have no heat. You complain of your bedroom being too small. I have no bedroom. You complain about your mattress being uncomfortable. I have no mattress. You complain about your house being too small. I have no house. You complain about your family. I have no family. That is until I met a certain band known as One Direction, that is when my life changed forever.


5. The Fall

I peeked my eyes open and looked around and sighed in relief when I saw it was in the bedroom Harry gave me. I have to admit I still am a bit jumpy after that nightmare I had last night. I jumped up from my bed and went to the kitchen for some breakfast. I looked over at the clock on the microwave: 11:00 am. Wow I slept that late? Where are the boys? I thought to myself. I looked around and looked in all of their bedrooms. They were empty, no one’s here…I went back to the kitchen and saw a note on the fridge. 

Hey Alley Cat,
We didn’t want to wake you up because you had such a rough night. Anyway, we got called in to work today. We will be out probably all day. Feel free to do what you like. We left you some money on the counter. Be safe love. 
Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis xx 

Hmmm, what to do. I thought about it and I decided to get a quick shower. Quickly after I hopped out of the shower I got dressed into some skinny jeans and a hoodie with some white All-stars converse. I looked at the money on the counter, $300. Damn, this is too much. Oh well, I grabbed my phone and money and headed into town. 

I wondered around until I spotted a Starbucks. Yum! I went inside and ordered a Mocha Frappuccino and walked out, hmmm I kind of want a tattoo…I wonder how old you have to be? I’ll google it later! I noticed a park I used to sleep at when I was on the streets so I walked over and decided to sit out on the bench. I pulled out my phone and checked my messages, none. I just shrugged and went on twitter since the boys made me one. I quickly checked my mentions. 

@AlleyCat you’re so gross and ugly. Why would the boys want to hang out with you? 

Ouch, that one hurt…

@AlleyCat your so fat! I mean look at you, you’re a whale! 


@AlleyCat Just kill yourself already 

That’s it; I started bawling at this point. Why do people say such hurtful things? It’s not like I’m dating one of them! Ugh I got so upset I threw my phone on the ground in front of me and pulled my knees closer to my chest and sobbed. I didn’t notice how late I stayed out till I felt a cool breeze which caused me to look up at the sky and see its getting dark. Quickly I pick up my now cracked IPhone and walked towards the flat. 

Walking home in the dark in one of the sketchiest areas is frightening. I kept hearing shouting and loud noises, I started shaking. Then I heard Gun shots, I took off running. I was scared for my life at this point. I pulled out my phone and looked at the time: 11pm. How did I manage to stay out this late? Still running with phone in hand I was almost home. Just then I tripped. I tumbled and rolled and bent ways I didn’t know possible. I screamed in pain and clutched my head and groaned. I started crying and I felt around for my phone. Found it! I unlocked the now ruined screen and called one of the numbers on my phone not knowing who. 

“Hello?” I heard Harry’s voice say.
“H-Ha-Harry?” I asked to be sure with a stutter since I was crying. 
“Allie?! Are you okay? Where are you?” I heard Harry shout. 
“I-I don’t know where I am! I can’t mo-move..” I said back crying harder now. I started feeling light headed. 
“Allie what hurts? Stay on the phone with me. I’m on my way, I tracked you with the GPS in your phone. I’ll be there soon.” Harry said trying to calm me. 
“Everything. Mostly my head!” I cried. It’s true, my head hurt the worst. When I fell and I hit my head first on the cold hard cement. 
“Alright Allie I’m here with the boys. You can hang up now.” With that I hung up the phone and started seeing black spots in my vision. 

“Allie!” I heard Niall’s Irish voice yell followed by footsteps of the others. My hearing started to go and my vision started to blur. I couldn’t hold on any longer. I closed my eyes and let the darkness creep over me.

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