Life Of Allie (One Direction Fan Fiction)

You wear a shirt once and say it’s dirty. I only have one shirt. You complain of your closet being too full. I don’t have a closet. You complain of not having enough money. I have no money. You complain about being cold so you turn up the heat. I have no heat. You complain of your bedroom being too small. I have no bedroom. You complain about your mattress being uncomfortable. I have no mattress. You complain about your house being too small. I have no house. You complain about your family. I have no family. That is until I met a certain band known as One Direction, that is when my life changed forever.


3. Stories

I stayed close to Harry’s side afraid of what the others are like. I’m short enough that when I’m hugging Harry around the waist my head is right below his chest. I look 11 not 15, I squeezed my eyes shut so I wouldn’t have to look at the others. 
“Hi everybody, well this is Allie. She will be staying with us.” Harry’s voice boomed, I felt him tug me off of him, I looked up at his face and he seemed like he wanted to meet the other boys. I sighed and released him and looked towards the others. I saw a blonde hair boy with blue eyes, a brown haired boy with brown eyes, another brown haired boy with blue eyes and a black haired boy with brown eyes. 

“I’m Liam, this is Niall, Louis, and Zayn. It’s nice to meet you.” Liam said sticking his hand out. I shook his hand along with the others. 
“How old are you love?” Niall the blue eyed boy asked. 
“15,” I replied in a whisper. 
“Where are you from?” He asked. 
“Here,” I replied with a bit of bitterness. 
“Where are your parents?” Liam the brown hair boy asked. I didn’t want to answer that one; I just looked towards the ground and let tears stream down my face. I’m usually not that much of a crier but I just realized that I don’t have any. Well I have my father but he shouldn’t be considered a father at all. Harry just grabbed me and comforted me again. 

“Come on love, I’ll show you to your room and get you some new clothes to put on and fix your hair for you. Does that sound alright?” Harry whispered into my ear. I just nodded and continued looking at the ground as Harry lead me down the hall into what I assumed to be my room. He laid some clothes on the bed and faced the wall. “Tell me when it’s safe to turn around, I know the clothes are a little big but Niall’s were the only ones small enough!” He claimed. I just giggled and quickly pulled on the sweat pants and pulled the little string as tight as they would go and pulled on a green ‘Free Hugs’ shirt. 
“You can turn around.” I said and Harry turned around. 
“You look adorable!” He said laughing, “Want someone to fix your hair?” He asked. I just shrugged and he walked out of the room. 

About a minute later Harry returned with Zayn and a hair kit I assume. 
“Come one love I’ll fix your hair for you.” Zayn said. I looked towards Harry and he just nodded. I shrugged and followed Zayn to the bathroom off of my room. He sat me on the counter where the sink was and did whatever Zayn does. 
“So tell me Allie, where are your parents?” He asked genially concerned. 
“Uhm, my mum left cause she didn’t want me. I ran away from my father.” I said to Zayn trying not to cry. 
“Why did you run away from your father?” He asked curiously. 
“He hits me and other things.” I mumbled hoping Zayn wouldn’t ask what other things. 
“What kind of ‘other things’?”
“Things.” I said hoping he would just back off for now. Thankfully he did. 
“There you’re all done Alley cat!” Zayn cheered.
“Is that my new nickname or something?” I asked laughing. He just laughed and nodded his head yes. He dragged me in front of a mirror and showed me how I look. I gasped, I hardly recognized myself! 
“Do you not like it?” Zayn asked disappointed. 
“I love it! Thank you!” I screamed and I hugged him. Wow that’s the most male contact I’ve had since I’ve left. Usually I flinch and don’t let anyone touch me. He hugged me right back and lead me down the hall to the living room. I looked around and saw all the boys staring at me. 
“Well now that you’re all dolled up. Why don’t we get to know each other?” Louis suggested. We all agreed and sat on the couches, I was in between Harry and Niall. Zayn was beside Harry and Liam beside him with Louis on the other side of Niall. 
“Allie when’s your birthday?” Liam asked. 
“February 26th.” I said. They all nodded and moved on. Soon enough the other boys asked me the questions I dreaded the most. Questions about my past. 
“Alley Cat, What was your dad like?” Niall asked. I flinched remembering what he did to me. 
“Uhm, he was always angry, her never was happy or even smiled. He drank a lot, he would come home piss drunk and come to my room and beat me and other things.” I said with hate. 
“What other things?” Harry asked. 
“Things.” I said again. 
“Why won’t you tell us?” Louis asked. 
“I don’t like to remember it or even talk about it.” I said in a whisper. 
“Love, please tell us so we know so we can protect you from him.” Liam said. 
“He tried to rape me…He always made me strip down and he would rub me or touch me.” I said shivering. “He would have continued but he always passed out before he could thankfully.” I said with a tear rolling down my cheek. The boys looked shocked and sympathetic. 
“Well I think it’s time we go out and go shopping for some clothes for Allie. What do you guys think?” Liam asked. Everyone nodded except me. I just followed the boys and got in the car. We finally arrived to our destination. The Mall.

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