Life Of Allie (One Direction Fan Fiction)

You wear a shirt once and say it’s dirty. I only have one shirt. You complain of your closet being too full. I don’t have a closet. You complain of not having enough money. I have no money. You complain about being cold so you turn up the heat. I have no heat. You complain of your bedroom being too small. I have no bedroom. You complain about your mattress being uncomfortable. I have no mattress. You complain about your house being too small. I have no house. You complain about your family. I have no family. That is until I met a certain band known as One Direction, that is when my life changed forever.


6. Sparks Fly

All I see is darkness around me, I don’t see anyone. 
“Allie!” I hear a voice call. I look around trying to find the source of the sound. I see no one. 
“Alley Cat, please wake up.” Another voice pleads. Wait wake up? How am I asleep if I can hear voices and see darkness? Alright, let’s try this waking up thing. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Eyes closed….and open. 
I open my eyes up to a bright light above and machines beeping around me. I look down at my arms, tubes are running through me. I move my arm to try and pull them out afraid of what they are doing to me. 
“Allie don’t do that sweetie.” I hear a voice say. I look up and see a woman wearing scrubs. “I’m Katie, your nurse.”
“Where am I?” I ask her in a whisper. 
“At the hospital dear, you had a bit of an accident and you hurt your head. What is the last thing you remember?” I think and think. 
“I remember being at home, with my parents. They were fighting and my mom just walked out.” I said with sadness evident in my voice. 
“How old are you Allie?” She asked me writing down something on her clipboard. 
“I’m 12. It’s my birthday today. Where are my parents at?” I asked her. She looked up from her clip board with a sympathetic expression. 
“Sweetie, you are 15, it’s not your birthday and we aren’t sure where your parents are at. We don’t know about you so we were hoping you could tell us their names.” 
“Ellen and Nick Curtis, please call one of them. I want my parents.” I said crying. 
“Hunny, we will try our best to get one of them here.” She said and walked away leaving me alone in my hospital room crying. 

A little later I heard a knock on the door followed by footsteps walking towards me. I looked up and saw 5 boys staring back at me. 
“Hey Alley Cat how are you feeling?” A curly haired one asked me while holding my hand. 
“Who are you?” I asked while pulling away from him scared. 
“Allie, you’re joking right? You remember me don’t you? Don’t you remember all of us?” He asked with hope in his voice. I shook my head no and I saw tears stream down his face. “Allie, I’m Harry, this is Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis. You live with us, we are your friends.” He said. 
“What? I thought I lived with my dad! Why would I live with 5 boys anyway?” I asked shocked. 
“You really don’t remember do you?” The blonde one, Niall, asked. 
“No, what happened?” I asked. 
“Allie, your mom left you and your father. Then you ran away from your dad and lived on the streets.” Liam said.
“No…no, she wouldn’t! I wouldn’t!” I said crying. Harry rubbed soothing circles on my back trying to calm me down. 
“Shhh…it’s okay Allie, it’s okay.” Harry whispered to me. I finally calmed down and as soon as I stopped crying there was a knock on the door. 

We all looked up and saw the nurse Katie there. 
“Hey sweetie, who are these people?” She asked gesturing to the boys. 
“Friends of mine apparently.” I said. 
“Alright, well we found your dad’s number. Do you want me to call him?” She asked. I looked up at the boys whose faces looked like a deer in headlights. 
“No! Don’t!” Louis said. 
“Why not?” She asked. 
“He’s not a good person, Allie ran away from him cause he was bad. Please don’t call him.” Zayn said. The nurse just nodded. 
“Allie you can go home tomorrow.” Katie said and walked away. 

The boys and I have gotten to know each other more and I figured out what went down with my family; I finally get to leave the hospital! I’m so excited! I get to live with the boys too! They are really nice; I hope to gain my memory back though. I feel especially close to Harry, he is the one who has been comforting me and hugging me the most. 
“Alley Cat! Ready to go home?” Harry yelled to me as he walked in the hospital door. 
“Yup! Let’s go!” I replied and with that Harry took some of my belongings and held my hand and we walked out of the hospital towards his car. 

We walked in the apartment or as Harry calls it, ‘flat’. British people words are weird and funny. 
“Welcome home Allie!” All of the boys cheered as I walked into the apartment. 
“Thanks guys! Can one of you lead me to my room so I can change into some pajamas so I can get comfy? I asked grinning. 
Louis spoke up first, “Sure, come on Allie, I’ll make sure you get into some comfortable Pah-jah-jah’s!” I started laughing and followed Louis towards my room. “Here is your pah-jay-jay’s Allie. We will be waiting in the living room for you!” I nodded smiling and quickly changed and headed towards the living room, I stopped before I went around the corner to hear what the boys were talking about. 

“I don’t know guys, I really like her. Even though she lost her memory I still feel like she remembers something, she is still acting like her old self.” I heard Harry’s deep accent say. 
I gasped about the thought of Harry liking me, I just shook it off and went in the living room and sat beside Harry on the sofa. “So what are we doing?” I asked the boys. 
“We are having a movie night!” Niall Cheered. 
“What movie shall we watch?” Zayn asked. 
“I don’t know why don’t you guys pick.” I said. 
“Alright, I pick a scary movie!” Louis said. 
“Why can’t we watch Toy Story?” Liam whined.
“Cause we always watch that!” Harry yelled. 
“Alright fine!” Liam said. 

I was terrified after the movie was over and I jumped at every little noise. 
“Allie, let’s go to bed sweetie. Everyone else is.” Harry told me. I just nodded and got up off of the sofa and started walking really slowly toward my bedroom because I am scared. 
“Allie you okay?” Harry asked me. 
“I’m scared.” I whimpered. 
“Do you want to stay with me in my room?” He asked. I just nodded and followed him to his room and climbed in beside him. 
“Goodnight Allie” Harry said as we scooted closer together to where we were cuddling. 
“Goodnight Harry” I said. Harry went to kiss my forehead but I moved by accident, causing him to kiss my lips. 
I felt his soft lips against mine and sparks flew. Then my head started hurting, I pulled away. 
“I’m sorry Allie! I didn’t mean too! I’m sorry, wait are you okay?” He asked me. 
“My head hurts...” I complained. 
“Try and get some sleep and maybe it will go away.” He said rubbing my cheek. I just nodded and fell asleep to Harry humming to me. 

I woke up the next morning to a pair of green eyes looking back at me. 
“Good morning Allie” 
“Good morning Harry” I leaned over and pecked him on the lips once more, I felt him grin. “I never said I didn’t like that kiss last night Styles.” I winked and got up and went to the kitchen and I heard Harry’s laughter following me. I looked at my reflection on the oven and groaned when I saw my hair. “Hey Harry, can you get Zayn to fix my hair like when he first did it when I came here. I can never do it right.” 
“Wait what did you say Allie?” Harry said with excitement in his voice. 
“I said can you get Zayn to fix my hair like when I first got here…Oh my god! I remember! Harry I remember!” I said screaming. Harry and I started doing a happy dance till we heard laughter behind us. We turned and saw the rest of the boys staring at us and Zayn had his phone out taking a video. 
“What’s with all the screaming and dancing?” Liam asked. 
“I remember everything, My memory is back.”

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