Life Of Allie (One Direction Fan Fiction)

You wear a shirt once and say it’s dirty. I only have one shirt. You complain of your closet being too full. I don’t have a closet. You complain of not having enough money. I have no money. You complain about being cold so you turn up the heat. I have no heat. You complain of your bedroom being too small. I have no bedroom. You complain about your mattress being uncomfortable. I have no mattress. You complain about your house being too small. I have no house. You complain about your family. I have no family. That is until I met a certain band known as One Direction, that is when my life changed forever.


4. Shopping

The boys dragged me inside and made me try on a bunch of clothes and ended up buying me a whole new wardrobe. It was all too much. 
“Harry, this really isn’t necessary.” I said feeling guilty for using all of his money like that. 
“Nonsense. You deserve it.” He replied, I just shrugged and walked around the store as the boys did whatever. “Alley Cat!” Harry called me. 
“Yes?” I replied walking towards him. 
“I got you a surprise!” He said excitedly. He pulled a box out from behind him. I quickly unwrapped it and gasped at the sight. A brand new black I-Phone 5. 
“Oh my god! Harry! You shouldn’t have! I mean you really shouldn’t have!” I screamed. 
“Well I did. I put in a gps so I know where you are in case you get lost.” He said. I just nodded and turned it on. 
“I programmed all of the boys numbers into here so you will always have a way of contacting us.” Harry informed me. I just nodded and goofed off with my new phone while the boys went back to shopping. 
‘Baby you light up my world like nobody else the way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed!’ My phone went off, I giggled and saw I had a text from Harry. 
From: Harreh 
To : Alley Cat
Did I forget to mention you have unlimited texting too? 

I literally freaked out and did a little happy dance and screamed. I was so happy and thankful for what Harry and the boys have done. 
From: Harreh 
To: Alley Cat

That was a nice little happy dance you did there. I got it all on tape ;) 

Lordy…I turned around and saw Harry laughing. 
“Harreh!” I cried. He walked over to me laughing still. I just hit him on the back of the head. He pulled out his phone and played the video of my little happy dance. I started laughing really hard I had tears streaming down my face and I’m pretty sure my face was red too…

Soon enough we went home. The boys were all really tired and so was I. We all put our new things away. I changed into my new 1D jammies and got my 1D toothbrush and toothpaste and did my things and went to bed. Before my head even hit my pillow I was out. 

“Come here you little bitch! You think you can just run away from me?! I will find you! Oh and when I do you will be sorry!” My dad screamed as he ran after me down the street. I ran and ran as fast as I could. I looked behind me once and saw he wasn’t there. I soon slowed down and turned down a small alley hoping that was the end. “Found You!” My dad yelled into my ear as he pressed a sharp blade into my throat. “Allie! Allie!” I heard a new voice call. 

“Allie!” I looked around and saw Harry holding me. I sighed in relief and continued to cry. “It was just a dream sweetie. Nothing is going to get you.” Harry said rubbing my back. 
“It felt so real! He..he killed me!” I cried. 
“Shhhh it’s alright. He’s not going to get you.” Harry said soothing me. I just nodded and eventually I fell back into a deep peaceful, nightmare- free sleep.

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