Life Of Allie (One Direction Fan Fiction)

You wear a shirt once and say it’s dirty. I only have one shirt. You complain of your closet being too full. I don’t have a closet. You complain of not having enough money. I have no money. You complain about being cold so you turn up the heat. I have no heat. You complain of your bedroom being too small. I have no bedroom. You complain about your mattress being uncomfortable. I have no mattress. You complain about your house being too small. I have no house. You complain about your family. I have no family. That is until I met a certain band known as One Direction, that is when my life changed forever.


8. Fears

*Anna’s POV* 
I silently walked out of Allie’s room with tears streaming down my face replaying today’s events in my head. I entered the living room and everyone’s eye were on me, as if expecting me to say something. Harry walked over to me and grabbed me and held me in a hug, rubbing my back. 
“What happened to Allie Cat?” Harry asked. 
“We…We went out to go shopping and….Allie got some tattoos…then when we walked out we got cornered in a dead end…” I didn’t want to say what happened, I didn’t even want to remember. I looked up at Harry and he released me, he stared deep into my eyes with his emerald eyes. 
“What happened after you guys were corned?” Niall asked from behind. I turned around to face everyone and sat on the floor with my knees pulled to my chest. 
“I..I was grabbed and so was Allie. She…she was raped by two men and I was forced to watch and I couldn’t do anything about it!” I cried even harder, Niall came over to me first and hugged me along with everyone else but Harry. He looked extremely pissed. 

“Who were they?” He asked gritting his teeth.
“I don’t know. Just some random 3 guys, they stole her shorts, bra and underwear though.” I said whimpering remembering. “I managed to escape for a minute but no one heard me calling for help and by the time I was close to people the guy pulled me back.” I started shaking with the memory going through my head. “I’m going to go check on Allie…” I said getting up quietly and walking towards her room. I opened the door and peered inside. Allie was sitting up with her face buried into her knees trembling and crying. 

“Allie…” I said crying with her, I walked over to her and hugged her tight, rubbing her back. “How do you feel?” I asked already having an answer in my head. 
“Disgusting.” She answered with no hesitation what so ever. Soon enough all the boys peeked in the door and walked in surrounding her. 

*Allies POV* 
The boys walked in surrounding me, I felt claustrophobic. Would the boys do this to me to if they had the chance? How can I trust them? Will they be just like those guys? I started shaking even more as they came closer and snuggled closer to Anna. 

“What’s wrong Allie?” Anna asked. 
“I’m scared they are gonna do it to me too!” I yelled crying harder and clinching my eyes shut. 
“Allie we would never do that to you!” Harry yelled making me back away more. I whimpered at the sound of Harry’s voice booming. “Why are you scared of me?” 

“Cause I don’t know you won’t do the same thing!” I screamed with fresh, salty tears forming a puddle on my face. 

“Allie, It’s fine they won’t hurt you,” Anna said in a calming voice. I still stayed where I was and Harry walked over towards me and grabbed my hand and kissed the top of it. 

“I would never hurt you baby girl,” Harry whispered to me and kissed my cheek. I cuddled closer to him with my head against his chest. I calmed down and wasn’t crying as violently. Harry eventually soothed me to where I was starting to get a bit sleepy. Everyone but Harry left the room; He was still holding me as we lay still together cuddling on the bed. 
“Harry, I’m scared.” I whispered. 
“Why sweetie?” He asked. 
“Cause what if everyone finds out and treats me horribly?” I whispered with fear in my voice. 
“No one could ever hold you responsible Allie Cat.” 
“How can you be so sure?” 
“Just trust me, I’ll be sure of it.”
“Thank you.”
“I love you Allie,”
“I love you too Harry.” With that he pecked my lips and we both fell into an enchanting sleep.

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