Until I Met You

"Two years ago I promised myself to never make friends, never share my story, but most importantly never to fall in love. I was told once to never take life for granted, because it is a true gift. But sometimes the best promises are meant to be broken...

When eighteen year Lily Shepard was tested for the cancer gene after her mother died followed by her grandmother. She discovers she is at high risk for developing it. One month before summer break Lily learns that she is diagnosed with it. She felt like giving up until she met her interesting next door neighbor Harry.

Harry wants Lily to live life to the fullest and do things she wouldn't have ever imagined. But Lilly knows every petal must eventually fall.


1. Secret Keeper

Dear Diary,

Or as I like to call you friend even though you are an inanimate object.  I can write in here and not feel judged or constantly get the sympathy looks. Well I guess that's why you are called a diary, because I can tell you things I don't want others to know. To end this ridiculous rant , I will start saying why I am writing in the first place. I don't know where to begin. I could write about how I felt at my mothers funeral. I didn't want to talk or look at anyone for days, because if I opened my mouth to speak I might have broke down in tears. That was the first day of many more goodbyes to come. 

 For example four months after the lost of my mom. I was called into the principles office, because my grandmother passed away in her sleep. At first  thought it was natural causes, but my dad explained to me that she was going through the same thing my mother was going through. He said the two words I never wanted to hear again, Breast Cancer. I was mad at my grandmother, because she didn't tell me. I felt even angrier when my dad told me he knew. He said she told him she didn't want me to worry about her. That she would be okay. I believed it. I thought nothing else could go wrong. Until my dad's curiosity got the best of him.

We later found out that I had Ewing Sarcoma. As I got back the test results all I could think about was cheesecake. I was craving cheesecake. My dad looked like he wanted to cry, but I told him no tears. Just like my grandma had told him that she would be okay. I lied and told my dad the exact same thing. Truth is I wasn't going to be okay. In the inside I was freaking out. The only person who I knew who didn't make me feel like a time bomb was my neighbor Harry. 


Lily's POV


"Don't you think it would be nice to go out today? The weather is fantastic." My dad chirped as he pulled back the curtains in my bedroom letting in light. 

"What exactly would I do?" I asked him as I covered my face with a pillow. To shield out the sunlight.

"You could go see a movie, or go to the mall, take your dog out for a walk. Not a long one though you might get too tired." He said. "No I wouldn't and could I drive the car?" I asked him sitting up.

"You could but I would have to go with you." He said. I fell back onto my bed and covered my face back up. "Lily you can't waste your Saturday just sitting in you room." He said.

"I wasn't going to spend the entire day in my room. I was going to spend it in the living room." I said finally getting up. I got up and started to walk towards my bathroom. Until he held out his arms. I went in to his embrace. "You look just like your mother when she was your age. Same dark brown hair and bright blue eyes." He said after he let me go.  "Thanks dad." I said sadly and walked into my bathroom. 

When I came out I saw the he had left the room. I saw my dalmatian Lennon sitting on my bed. "Morning Lennon!" I said petting the top of his head. He was given to me when I was eleven. After watching the movie 101 Dalmatians I wanted one very badly. My mom agreed only if I named him after her favorite Beatles member. "Lily!" I heard my dad yell from downstairs.  

I went downstairs to see what he wanted. "I'm going to run a few errands would you like to come?" He asked. "No thanks." I said grabbing an apple and plopping down on the couch. "I figured you would say that. So I asked that kid Harry would be okay for you to come over."

"You did what?!" I asked him.

"He said he didn't mind. His parents are spending their summer back in England and he just here visiting California. So he has the house to himself." He finished.

"And you're okay letting me alone with a boy...in his house?" I asked him trying to make my dad change his mind. He look like he was really thinking about his decisions. "Yep i'm okay" He smiled.

"And why is that? You didn't tell him about me did you?" I asked.

"What it be wrong if I did?" He asked as he searched the kitchen for his keys. "Yes, because now he is going to feel sorry for me."I stated. 

"Found them!" He yelled as he closed the freezer door. "And no he isn't" He said giving me a kiss on the forehead. I slumped lower on the couch. I have only seen Harry twice. Once was when his parents just moved in and he waved at me, but I awkwardly walked away. The second time was when I saw him at a store and he was with some girl. He spoke to me for the first time. I couldn't help but wonder was it possible to fall in love with someone's accent. 

"Lily are you going to go change?" My dad asked.

"What's wrong with what i'm wearing?" I asked cluelessly . I had on long black leggings that had skeleton legs on the front, a plain dark blue razor back top, and my hair was in a messy topknot. 

"Well I will walk you over there, come one." He instructed. I grabbed my sketchbook off the table and a two charcoal pencils. I was too lazy to run up stairs and get my laptop. So I figured this would have to do.

When we got next door my dad rang the door bell about ten times. No one answered. "Looks like no ones here. Guess we can leave." I said turning around. My dad rang the doorbell one last time and I heard the door swing open. "Hello Mr. Shepard sorry it took me so long." Harry said.

"No problem and call me Ian. " Dad said.  "You remember  my daughter Lily." He said putting his arms on my shoulder so that he could turn me around. He was shirtless. I couldn't help but stare at his tattoos...but mostly his bare chest.

"Hey." I said trying to stare passed him.

"Hi." He said.  

"I'm sure  you guys will find plenty to talk about while i'm gone. Harry you know my number just in case something should happen." dad said.

"Got it." he smiled while waving up his phone. 

"See you later." He said walking down the driveway and into his car. I watched as he drove away. "So would you like to come in?" Harry asked.  "I'm going back to my back house. So you don't have to babysit me." I told him.

"Who said I was babysitting you?" He asked. "My dad. I know he told you." I said. "Told me what?" He said leaning his body against the door frame. "That I'm sick." I said.

"No he didn't say you had a cold." He said. My facial expression dropped and he could tell. "Yes he told me." He said dryly. 

"That doesn't mean I want you to treat me differently." I said. "Didn't plan on it so come in." He laughed. I walked in and found a seat in the living room and he followed in behind me. "So what do you have there?" He said pointing to whats in my hands.

"A sketchbook." I replied. "Do they not have them where you're from?" I laughed.

"Ha! they do smarty. Do you draw?" He asked.

"Yeah." I replied.

"Maybe I could see them one day." Harry said. "You can when i'm dead." I said. He just look like he didn't know what to say. He looked as if he felt sorry for me. "I was kidding." I said.

"Oh okay. Are all you jokes like that?" Harry asked. "Only my good ones." I replied. 

"Cool pants by the way. Not that i'm staring at your legs." He laughed nervously. "Thanks and cool tattoos not that I was staring at your chest." I said. (Which by the way I totally was) "One question why are you shirtless." I asked.

"I was putting things into the shed and I got hot. Anymore questions?" Harry asked.

"Not that I can think of at the moment." I joked. "So would you like to invite any of you friends over while I finish up." He asked me. "I don't have any." I answered.

"And why is that?" He asked moving over to where I was sitting. 

"If I make friends they will find out I have cancer. they will feel sorry for me, and treat me differently I don't want people to feel weird around me." I said.

"Well I will be you friend." he chirped. "

"You don't have to pretend to be nice to me."I told him.

"Who said I was pretending? Bring them to me at once!" he joked. "Seriously though I could use a friend around here." I thought about it for a moment and I felt like crying for no reason. 

"What do you say about going to the beach? I saw you had a dog and it would be fun." He said trying his best to be nice to me.

"As much as I hate to admit my dad was right, but I get tired easily. So I don't go to the beach often." I said. "Then we could do something else." Harry stated. All of a sudden we heard the doorbell ring. I thought it was my dad and truthfully I didn't want to have to leave so soon. Harry is the first person in a long time that I have talked to besides my doctors and my dad. It was quite refreshing. Plus he was really cute so that was a bonus. He appeared to be very nice and I might actually grow to like him.

I got up to see Harry was still standing in front of the door. A girl had her arms wrapped around his neck and they were kissing. I turned around quietly, so they wouldn't hear me. As I walked back to the couch three things danced in my head. One I  was wrong. Two why would I ever think I would have a chance with him. And lastly why can't I just be normal?

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