Silenced Love

Anabella Bronwyn life is about to change when she meets this one special guy. Although you might think it will be easy for this 18 year old girl, well its not. Her life is perfect, she has two parents who love each other, an amazing brother, her dad makes decent money and anyone passing by this family might think that everything is just perfect for this family. However, one little thing is lacked. Anabella cannot hear at all. She is deaf and cannot hear a thing. But will dare change everything all? Will there be problems? Well read on and see.......


1. When It All Began


              I woke up to an arm shaking me awake. I looked over to find my mom smiling at me. "Good morning." she signed.

"Good morning." I signed back. I bet you are all wondering what I am and well I am deaf. My mother used to say that I used to be able to hear but I do not remember that I ever was able to hear anything.

"Come on and get up, you have a big day ahead of you sweety." She told me. I nodded at her and she got out of my room. I stretched and got out of bed. I hate getting up in the morning but hey, what can you do? Anyways I went to the bathroom and check to see if my lights worked just in case my mom needed to get to me. After that was done I looked at myself. Everyone tells me that I am pretty but I don't see how. I have hazel eyes and brown wavy hair. It isn't really original at all. Whatever. After I finished with my shower, I got dresses and went downstairs.

"Good morning" signed my dad.

"Good morning to you father" I signed and went to give him a kiss on the check.

"Morning loser" signed my brother

"Morning dweeb face." I signed back.

"Hey, guys be nice" my mother came in. I smiled and sat down. Soon my mom put pancakes in front of me and they smelled amazing. I thanked her and we all ate breakfast. Then my dad got up said something and it was "good bye everyone I have to go to work" oh, I guess I forgot to tell you that I can lip read. It's pretty awesome. I waved goodbye and got up to help my mom. Before I can do the dishes my mom stopped me.

"Why don't you and your brother go out and see the new neighborhood, you might like it a lot" she signed. I gave her a pouting. I hated going out because people might say something to me and I might not know and then they well think I am really weird. So when I gave that thought to my mom she was like "Well you have Chris to go with you. If anything happens he will be there."

I nodded at her and looked at Chris. " ready to go?" I signed to him.

"Well duh. They have such an amazing place that sells coffee and cinnamon buns" he signs back. I smiled at him and went upstairs to get dressed. 15 minutes later Chris and I were driving to town. It looked so nice and calm and it was not compared to Chicago at all. I felt a poke on my shoulder and I looked at Chris.

"Doesn't it look really nice" he signs to me while he was driving.

"Of course, it much calmer than Chicago" I signed back. 5 minutes later we stopped in front of a little shop.

"This is isolated from everything. Why are we here?" I sign to Chris.

"Well this is the best cafe ever! It's really amazing and you should try it." He signed to me. I nodded and bit my lip. "Are you okay? Are you nervous?" He signed to me I nodded and smiled at him. He squeezed my hand and we entered in.

                           * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Okay so what are you going to order?" I asked the guys.

"We have been here like 10 times Niall, what do you think we will order?" Louis said

"Oh the sass master has returned. Beware of the diva!!!" Harry said.
We all laughed and looked at our menus even though we knew what to order. This place was amazing and was isolated so we will not get mobbed by fans. Not that I don't like my fans, I love them but sometimes they get a little too crazy. All of a sudden Louis slammed his menu.
"You know what guys, lets do something fun! We just finished our tour like 3 days ago! Lets do something daring and dangerous!!!" Louis exclaimed excitingly.

"Uh like what?" Asked Zayn while looking at his menu.

"You know a dare. I have an idea, lets pick Niall!!! You are single and have no one to worry about!" Louis replied. Ouch that hurt but whatever it's true.

"What are you thinking about Louis?" I asked him carefully. He smirked at me and looked at all the boys. What the hell was he thinking about?

"Well Niall, I have a dare for you and if you fail it, you have to clean all our houses for a year." Louis told me. I looked at him with a confused face. If it is like that, I am sure he dat will not be that bad.
"What is the dare Louis?" I asked him

"Once you know you cannot back out of it!" Louis says cheerfully. I shrug and look at the boys. Harry, Louis and Zayn looked kind of excited to find out. Liam however looks a bit scared and gives me the  "are you sure" look.

"Ok the next girl to wake in this shop will have to be your girlfriend for the next 6 months and if you break up within those 6 months, you gotta clean our houses." Louis says happily.

"Wait what!?!? What if she is old or married or like a young girl! Louis come on you cannot possible be serious!" I replied back with shock. Louis shook his head and said "Ok but she has to be older than 16 and younger than 25 and she has to single so no problems pop up."
I smiled at him and nodded okay. How hard could this be? A lot of girls like me and plus I'm from One Direction. No way someone would refuse my question. Well there were a couple but whatever. I went up with the boys to order my food. I nervously looked at the door as it dinged.   




SOOOOOOO GUYSSS!!!!! This is my first ever story. I am sorry if it might be too boring but it is the first chapter and trust me it gets better! If you have ANY questions tell me and I will happily answer them. (:

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