Silenced Love

Anabella Bronwyn life is about to change when she meets this one special guy. Although you might think it will be easy for this 18 year old girl, well its not. Her life is perfect, she has two parents who love each other, an amazing brother, her dad makes decent money and anyone passing by this family might think that everything is just perfect for this family. However, one little thing is lacked. Anabella cannot hear at all. She is deaf and cannot hear a thing. But will dare change everything all? Will there be problems? Well read on and see.......


3. Starting

After finishing our food, Chris told me that he needs to go to the bathroom.  I nodded day him and secretly looked at the blond guy. When he went and sat down Chris told me that he wanted to go out with me. A part of me was really excited. He was cute and famous. But the other part of me was like "the main reason he is going out with you is because he doesn't have anything else to do. I guess I stared for to long because when I finished thinking, I noticed him looking back at me and smiling. Crap. I wonder what he is thinking now! Oh gosh why do I have to be so stupid sometimes. I was wishing Chris would hurry up even though its been 30 seconds. Then blonde and his friends got up to leave. I saw from the corner of my eyes that the blonde was hunched over something. Thirty seconds pass and the group passes by me. I get a few glances from them and they walk out. I looked to see the blonde guy walking over. CRAP!!! What should I do? Relax Annabella, relax Annabella. He then slid a napkin toward me and walked out. Should I look at the napkin or should I throw it out? I opened it to find written with sloppy hand writing :- hey I am Niall! I guess you think I'm rude and a weirdo but I am not. Well, I cannot judge that myself can I? Anyways long story short, I think we should hang out! Here is my number!-: I smiled. Then I looked out the window to find him staring back and smiling. He got into a car and went of to where ever place he is going to. I hid the napkin in my purse and looked at the direction Chris went to. With five seconds he came out and walked towards me.


"You took forever Chrisy"'I signed to me.


"Oh shut up and it was only three minutes!" He signed back. I smiled at him. "Well pack up your stuff and let's go somewhere else." Chris signed to me.


"Oh where? I thought we were going home?"I signed back to him.


"If you want but you have been out for almost 30 minutes, you will survive Anny" he signed back with a pouting face. 


"Fine, but let me text mom first. She might be worried."I signed. He nodded and we went out. I took out my phone and text my mom. Then I remember that I have the blonde's number. I quickly looked at Chris and opened my purse, acting if I was looking for something. I found the napkin and opened it. There is was his number. This might change everything for me but is it worth it? My parents said that if I were to date, I could but it had to be a relationship with feelings and emotion, not anything physical. And if it were to be physical, I should just get out of the relationship. I opened the new text message portion and typed his number. I looked nervously at my phone. What if he is just joking and gave me some random number. However, some part told me to go for it. "Hi." I typed. I quickly hit send before anything changed my mind. I looked at Chris to find him focusing at the street and look forward before he saw anything in my eyes. Can one word change everything?



"Ooommmmmgggggg!" Louis squeaked, "You are going to get a girlfriend! And she is pretty and looks smart! I am fanboying!" I laughed him.


"Yah but her brother was so protective of her. I bet he won't let me even see her." I said while sighing. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I took it out to find a text from some random number.


"Hey guys, I think she texted me!"I said while smiling.


"Then text her back doofus!"Harry said.


"Ok hold on a sec" I replied. "Um who is this?"I typed to the number. I looked up to find the boys eagerly looking at me. I smiled at them and said, "Guys relax, i bet she isn't even interested in me. Then my phones buzzed. "This is the girl who got a message from a napkin from you blonde."they replied back.


"Oh my gosh, it's her! She replied back!"I said excitedly.


"What did she say?"asked Louis.


"Did she say she will sleep with you?" asked Harry


"Oh shut up Harry! But what did she say Niall! TELL US I BEGG YOUUUUU." Zayn sarcastically 


"Shut up guys, just let me text her!"I told them.  "Oh lol, I didn't expect you to text me back"I texted her. "Well, I thought since my life is going to be boring this summer, I might as while try something new."she texted back.


"Oh she is has an attitude." I jumped to find the boys reading behind my back.


"Shut up guys. You are so nosy" I stood up and went to the bathroom. I need privacy to talk to this girl. I need her to fall for me. Not because of the bet but I really think she is pretty. 



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