Silenced Love

Anabella Bronwyn life is about to change when she meets this one special guy. Although you might think it will be easy for this 18 year old girl, well its not. Her life is perfect, she has two parents who love each other, an amazing brother, her dad makes decent money and anyone passing by this family might think that everything is just perfect for this family. However, one little thing is lacked. Anabella cannot hear at all. She is deaf and cannot hear a thing. But will dare change everything all? Will there be problems? Well read on and see.......


7. He Could Be Mine

I looked at Niall.

"What?" His lips said while he was smiling.

"My brother is outside."I texted him.

"Let me walk you out." He replied. I nodded and we walked out. His friends just glanced at us quickly before returning to what they are doing. Niall stopped and said something to them before we walked out. I saw Chris standing and leaning on the hood of his car. His jaw was tensed and he looked pretty mad. Shit. I was about to push Niall inside the studio again but he saw us. It's too late, who knows what Chris will do now. Chris walked up to us and I could sense the rage coming off him. Before i could sign something to him, he pushed me away and he started talking to Niall and I could read everything on his lips.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing with my sister! Why the hell were you even taking to her. How many times did she tell you to back off." He said. I looked at Niall.

"Um i was no doing anything mate. She just panic while some paparazzi came and I took her. She was close to crying but-"

"But if you were not there, then none of this would have happened. She is on the news and on all those dumb social networks. Do you know what you have done? You-"

"I didn't do anything. I just came to talk to her sister but she pushed me away. Then this caught people's attention and yeah. I don't know why you are mad at me. I wasn't the one who wasn't there for her." Niall said while his hands were in his pocket with annoyance in his voice. I was about to push Chris to the car but it was too late. Niall was in the floor within seconds. He was holding his jaw. I turned to Chris and pushed him before he could do anything else.

"What the hell are you doing Chris!" I signed to him.

"What do YOU think? Why are you even defending him!"he signed back. I looked at him angrily before turning to Niall. I was about to go see if he was okay but I was stopped. Chris grabbed my wrist and tried pulling me to the car.

"Leave me alone! You always make me feel like a little kid. You never understand me."I signed to Chris. He just looked at me. I pushed him off me and ran to Niall. He sat up.

"Now that hurt." His lips read. I have him a sad look and ran my hand over his check.

"Are you okay?" I mouthed. He shrugged his shoulders and got up. He held his hands out to help me get up. After I brushed my pants off, I looked up. I found Chris clenching his fist.

"Come here now Anny before I force you to come." He said and signed so Niall and I could both understand. I was about to shake my head but Niall turned me to face him.

"Go." He mouthed. I bit my lip and nodded. I went down the stairs and walked toward the car. I opened the door and climbed in. I looked forward and found Niall smiling and waving at me. I looked at Chris and found his jaw tense and his knuckles white from holding the steering wheel too tightly. I shook my head and looked out the window. Oh boy, today was not one of "Anabella's" days. We were almost home when Chris turned into a restaurant.

"What are we doing?" I signed to him.

"Getting something for dad because today is his birthday."he signed back.

"What are we going to get him?"

"I don't know Anny. If you were not messing around with guys, we would have more time to decide." I just looked at him.

"That is all you do Chris, blame the others for your problems. I wish you would stop being an ass and realize I am not a kid anymore." I signed to him. 

"Oh whatever Anny, let's go inside and get a cake for dad or something." I opened my door and we walked through the doors of the restaurant. 



I am sooooo sorry that I havent updated in a while. I just finished school and I was studying for finals. Don't worry though, I will be updating more and making my chapters longer because they are so short. Also I will update every week about once or twice. It depends (: Thank you all for being patient with me. 

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