Silenced Love

Anabella Bronwyn life is about to change when she meets this one special guy. Although you might think it will be easy for this 18 year old girl, well its not. Her life is perfect, she has two parents who love each other, an amazing brother, her dad makes decent money and anyone passing by this family might think that everything is just perfect for this family. However, one little thing is lacked. Anabella cannot hear at all. She is deaf and cannot hear a thing. But will dare change everything all? Will there be problems? Well read on and see.......


4. Could It Be Over?

Well I can sum one thing up about blonde. His name is Niall, he is cute, he is in some band named One Direction, he is obsessed with food,he is 19 years old,  he is single, he loves to sing, he is Irish, he likes drinking, he has a brother named Greg who got married and he just took off his braces. Well that isn't one thing but it suits him. Anyways we talked a lot last night. I felt sort of rebellious. I have never texted a guy for such a long time. He seemed really sweet but I cannot judge him right away. Most of our conversations were about. Agg, this is so cliche. A girl falling head over heels for some amazingly hot guy who happens to be famous. Anyways, when I woke up in the morning, I found a text from him. "Hey good morning beautiful!!!! <3" Um okay? This guy is taking things way to far. I just left the text answered and went to get ready for the day even though I knew I would sit home and read or go on the internet. 20 minutes later I was downstairs to find Chris down stairs looking at something on his phone. 


"Good morning." I signed to him. He briefly looked at me and looked back at his phone. Wait, is that his phone? I walked up to him and snatched the phone of his hand. "What are you doing! Looking through my phone!" I signed to him angrily. 


"Why are you texting the guy from yesterday? I told you to say away from him! I knew that he would such thing!"He signed back at me. 


"But that doesnt mean you have the right to look at my phone! My phone was in my room, why were you snooping?"I signed to him. 


"I heard your phone ringing and it Niall with a smiley face. What are you in a relationship after only meeting for like what 15 minutes!!! I KNOW HIM, you DONT! He is just a famous guy wanting to play with a girl's heart!" He signed back. 


"How do you know? Did you talk to him? And you have no business about the things I do. I can do anything I want Chris. I am not a little girl anymore! I am 18 years old! You have to give up on protecting me from everything!" I signed to him. 


"BECAUSE YOU CANT HEAR THATS WHY!!! You cant hear and i am scared for you thats why Anny. Gosh why cant you understand, I am doing this because you need help thats why!!!" He signed angrily at me. 


"So if i wasnt disable, you would not give a crap about me would you? You just live me only would you?"I signed to him and grabbed my phone from the counter. 


"No its like that Anny, You understood wr--"He signed but i turned around and didnt see what stupid explanation he would give me. I went up to my room and locked my room. Sometimes I am so glad I cannot hear anything because now i bet he is screaming saying some stupid explanation. I saw something light up next to me. I grabbed my phone to find a text from Niall. Now what does this guy want. He is what caused everything......


"Are you going to text?" Liam asked me. 


"Yeah, I will now!" I told him. 


"Um Niall?"Liam said. 




"Be careful and dont break her heart. Just realize she is a human being too. If this is about Louis' deal, break it off, I will get the boys to tell Louis to call it off ok? Please ju-"


"Liam its okay man. I wont do anything stupid. I promise And her name is Anabella by the way. Isnt the name so nice." I told him. He just nodded and went out of the room. I texted her saying "Whats up, want to meet?" Withing three minutes she replied, "Just leave me alone, and act like I dont exist. All you did is cause problems. I had my first fight for my brother....." Oh shit, well i guess I broke my promise to Liam. "Um can you tell me what happened at least? Maybe we can work this out?" I texted her back. "No, just do not think about me anymore, I am so sorry Niall, but this wont work out." she replied. Wait what? This cannot happened. "No, please. I really like you! Please Anabella." "Well I am glad you didnt love me because that would have been a bummer wouldnt it have been?" I didnt know how to reply to that because. she was the one who didnt turn me down for anyone or anything. 




Hey guys!! I am sorry I havent updated in a while. I have been busy with school and tests. So what do you think about Niall and Annabella. If you have any ideas for the story and think it will be amazing, comment below! I would love to hear your ideas. (: (: (: (:

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