Silenced Love

Anabella Bronwyn life is about to change when she meets this one special guy. Although you might think it will be easy for this 18 year old girl, well its not. Her life is perfect, she has two parents who love each other, an amazing brother, her dad makes decent money and anyone passing by this family might think that everything is just perfect for this family. However, one little thing is lacked. Anabella cannot hear at all. She is deaf and cannot hear a thing. But will dare change everything all? Will there be problems? Well read on and see.......


6. Are We Still Okay?


          We arrived at the familiar looking building. It was me and my boys' studio. I looked over to see Anabella biting her lip and looking out the window. I reached out to touch her hand and she jumped. She looked at me and we held out glaze for awhile. Then she shook her head and was about to get out of the car. I sighed and got out of the car. She stood there looking at me, waiting for me to go to a place so she can follow. I cleared my throat,

"So this is my studio were we record and stuff. Um, I brought you there because I kind of panicked. Also I think no one will follow us here." I told her. She just nodded. She took out her phone and typed something in it, then showed me it.

"I want to go home." I looked at her. She was so beautiful. I looked at her pierce hazel eyes. Her hair looked so soft that I wanted to touch it.

"Sure, um give me your address and I'll take you."I told her. She smirked and typed something on her phone.

"No thank you. I don't need you creeping on me." Okay then miss smarty pants.

"Then what will you do?" I asked her. She typed

"Let my brother come pick me up of course. Oh and by the way, you ruined my dad's birthday. Now we have to eat out. It is like the second thing you ruined since we meet"

"Oh I am sorry and can we just go in before anyone spots us?" I told her. Anabella looked at me and nodded. Then we went in. The first thing is a saw the boys sitting on the couches and it looked like they were waiting for me. Anabella turned to me and gave me a confused look.

"Hey guys, um wha-"I started.

"What the hell were you think Niall! Do you know what happened now? She is all over the news and people aren't saying nice things about her! Did you give it a thought before you chased her and talked to her."Liam state while standing up.

"What are they saying?"I asked them. They just shook there heads and looked at Anabella. She looked like crying. I touched her hand and she pulled away. She looked so angry and sad.

"Listen Anabella, I didn't mean for any of this to happen. You know how th-"I was interrupted by being slapped in the face.

"Look what you have done."she mouthed and walked off to another room.

"I-I don't und-"

"Listen Niall, she sort of has the right to slap you. She told you to leave her alone and you didn't listen. Since you are a famous guy and everyone chases you, she knew this would happen." Zayn told me.

"Well she could have told me and not slap me."I said while my cheek was still tingling.

"If you were smart, you would have realized that mate."Harry said.

"So you are on her side now?" I asked them. 

"No we are not on anyone's side. We are just stating the obvious." Liam said. 

"So should I follow her or what?"I told the boys.

"What does your heart tell you?"Liam said.  

I looked then confusingly, "What do you mean? She isn't someone I love for my heart to "say" anything. Well I don't think so."

I was sitting in the couch crying. I wish I was home. Why didn't I take Chris with me. Most importantly, why can't this Niall guy leave me alone. If he had then this would not have happened. I felt something vibrate in my pocket. It was a text from Chris and it said, "Where are you? Are you ok?"

"Yeah I am fine Chris."I replied

"If you are fine where are you then? I am outside the shop and you are not there."

"Well the Niall guy as there and he took me to his studio."

"What? What do you mean. Anny I told you to stay away from him!"

"I did but he was talking to me and then the paparazzi came and I was mobbed. He sort of saved me." 

"Well let him give you the address of the studio so I can pick you up." 

Before I could reply to him, the door of the room opened. I looked up to find Niall there. His hands were in his pocket and he was leaning back on his heels. I just turned my face away and was looking at the wall. Then I felt the couch go down and he was sitting next to me. I turned to look at him and I found him staring back. The print where I slapped him was still there. "What do you want?" I mouthed to him. 

"To apologize for what I did." his lips said

I took out my phone and typed, "Well the first step is to give me the address of this place so I can go home."

He just nodded and took out his phone and typed something for about a minute. Then I felt my phone vibrate. There is was the address. I quickly copied it and sent it to Chris. Then I got anything text and it was from Niall. 

"Are you mad at me." it said. 

I looked at him and he slowly raised his head and our eyes met. I shook my head. 

"I am not mad at you, I am just disappointed in you. Why would you do this? Didn't you know this would happen?"I replied to his text. 

"No. Well I didn't really think about it." 

"Oh ok then." 

"Can I call you Anny? It will be much easier."

"Sure and can you do one more favor for me?"

"What is it Anny?"

"Learn sign language because it is much easier than texting."

I looked up to find Niall reading the text. Then he looked up and smiled. He nodded and I smile at him. 

"Are we alright?" he mouthed. I nodded and he came in with a hug. I just stayed there frozen. No guy ever touched me or even laid eyes on me. I was about to hug him back then my phone vibrated. It was from Chris. 

"Hey I am outside the studio. Hurry up." it said. 



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