The Prodigy (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Well I guess by now you've probably figured out that I’m a fighter. That’s right, a fighter. Yes, I am a girl, problem? Didn't think so. My name is Natasha but everyone calls me Nat or Natty for short. I’m 15 years old, turning 16 in a month. I know what you’re thinking, isn't she too young to be a fighter? The answer is no. You see I am a prodigy, ever since I was little I expressed an interest in fighting. I soon grew quite famous for my fighting skills,but recently I am on break from fighting. I just happened to run into 5 mysterious boys on my Starbucks run that will change my life forever.


9. The Accident

“Hello?” I spoke into the phone.
“Hi is this Natasha?”
“This is she,”
“Hi this is Anna, I work at the hospital. I’m sorry to inform you that there was an accident and your parents were injured.” I froze and went pale. 
“Are they okay?” I asked
“I’m afraid not, they are both on life support and we need you to come by and decide whether you wish to pull the plug or not.” 
“Alright, I’ll be there soon.” 
“Alright sweetie, I’m so sorry about your parents.”
“Thanks, bye.” With that I hung up and looked up at the boys curious faces. I felt a single tear fall down my face. Niall immediately ran over to me to comfort me. 
“Nat what’s wrong?” Harry asked. 
“My parents were in an accident and are on life support and I need to go to the hospital so I can decide if I want to pull the plug or not.” I replied crying harder. With that everyone ran to get dressed and Harry got his keys and we all piled into the car. Quickly we arrived at the hospital and jumped out of the car and ran inside. 
“Hi, I’m looking for my parents. My name is Natasha I received a phone call.” I said to the nurse at the desk. She nodded and pointed to room 221. I walked inside and I gasped at the sight of my parents. I immediately went over to my father and hugged him carefully, to avoid hitting his cords, broken bones and cuts all over him and I did the same with my mother. 
“I love you, I love you, please don’t leave me, I love you,” I kept mumbling to myself as I hugged them. The boys walked in along with Ally cat and they ran over to me and hugged me tight. Ally gave me ‘the look’ and I nodded. I walked over to my parent’s doctor who was waiting in the hallway. 
“I made my decision. They shouldn’t be suffering for my selfish reasons. Pull the plug; I don’t want them in any more pain.” I said crying. He nodded sympathetically and walked in the room. I then heard the long beep of the heart monitor and I cried harder and felt multiple arms wrap around me making me cry even more. 
We rode to my house in silence. No one dared to say anything. I still had to tell Mike, I went to the shed and saw that my four-wheeler was returned safely from the night before. I hopped on and drove off to Mike’s gym. I arrived there and walked straight in and saw Mike. 
“Mike!” I yelled as I ran over to him and hugged him tight. He hugged me back and comforted me. “They’re gone Mike, my parents are gone.” I whispered into his chest. He just held me longer. “I better get back to the boy’s and Ally before they destroy everything.” I told him with a slight chuckle. He nodded and hugged me one last time and I got on my 4-wheeler and drove home on the back roads. 

I walked inside my house to see the boys crying, I was confused. Why would they be crying? 
“What’s wrong?” I asked. 
“We have to go back on tour…tomorrow.” Harry said. Wait…what? My life shattered right in front of me. I nodded and hugged each of them. They had to leave to pack; my best friends were leaving me now. I guess I am a bother to be around. Ally had to leave because she had to help her mom. I must have fallen asleep on the couch because I woke up to a knock at the door. I groaned and got up and opened the door to a woman who looked to be in her 30’s wearing dress type clothing. 
“Hi Natasha?” she asked. 
“That’s me,” 
“Hi, I’m Martha from child services.” I said and I shook her hand and lead her inside. We sat on the couch. 
“Well as you already know you’re parents have passed and you have no other family correct?” I nodded and she continued. “Well as you are still a minor, you are now an orphan. Orphans are required to stay either at a foster home or stay at the orphanage till you are adopted.” I nodded looking at the ground. “You have no choice in the manner now, there is not enough foster families. So for right now, you will be in the orphanage. I am here to take you today, please go pack your things and be ready to leave in half an hour.” She said and I got up and walked up to my room and packed all of my clothes and other necessities and walked downstairs to see the woman still sitting on the couch. 
She helped me with my bags and took them to the car and I looked one last time at my house and the waterworks started. Martha led me to the vehicle and I got in and sat quietly. 
“What’s going to happen to the rest of the belongings?” I asked.
“They now belong to the state and the horse’s will be sold.” She replied while driving. I nodded and about 20 minutes later we pulled up to the orphanage. I sighed and opened the car door and walked inside with Martha following close behind.

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