The Prodigy (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Well I guess by now you've probably figured out that I’m a fighter. That’s right, a fighter. Yes, I am a girl, problem? Didn't think so. My name is Natasha but everyone calls me Nat or Natty for short. I’m 15 years old, turning 16 in a month. I know what you’re thinking, isn't she too young to be a fighter? The answer is no. You see I am a prodigy, ever since I was little I expressed an interest in fighting. I soon grew quite famous for my fighting skills,but recently I am on break from fighting. I just happened to run into 5 mysterious boys on my Starbucks run that will change my life forever.


2. Starbucks Boys

Groaning I opened my eyes to see the sun shining through the window. I looked over at my clock to see the time, 9am. Why the hell am I up so early for? I thought to myself as I dragged myself out of bed. I went over to my walk in closet and threw on a pair of jeans, plaid shirt and my cowboy boots. I left my hair down in its natural curls, grabbed my cowboy hat and snatched my iPhone off of its charger and headed downstairs to see my parents eating breakfast. 
“Morning,” I said to my parents. “I’m gonna grab Misty and head down to Starbucks is that ok?” I asked, Misty was my horse that I picked out and named. Since I didn’t have a car I used Misty to get around using the back roads cause it’s not illegal. 
“Sure sweetie that’s fine as long as you have your phone. You have your card right?” my mother replied. 
“Yes mom I have my credit card.” I said walking to the barn grabbing my saddle and reins. I saddled up and hopped on heading down the trail to the local Starbucks. Misty had some energy today so she cantered most of the way until we got closer to the store I mad her come to a steady trot. 
We finally came around to the store, “Woah girl.” I said and she came to a stop, allowing me to tire her to the bike rack as always. I made sure it was tight and walked in. 
“Hey Nat! The usual?” Austin called to me. 
“Yes! Thanks so much Austin!” I replied walking over towards the counter. As I stood there waiting for my Mocha Frappuccino I looked outside toward the window to see 5 gorgeous guys surrounding my horse and petting her. Surprisingly she was calm, she usually freaks out if someone other than me or Austin touches her. I stared at them for a good 3 minutes till Austin called my name saying my order was ready. He also threw in an apple for Misty. I thanked him and gave him a peck on the check walking towards the door with coffee and apple in hand. I walked outside to my horse and the 5 guys around her. When she saw me she automatically made her horse noise and smiled. Yes I said smiled. I taught her how to, she shows off her giant horse teeth looking down at the apple. That’s when the 5 boys turned around. 
“Hey y’all” I said referring to the boys as I fed Misty her juicy red apple. 
“Hello, is this your horse?” I heard an Irish accent ask. I nodded my head looking up at Misty petting her and she placed her big head on my shoulder, I giggled. 
“Well, I’m Natasha but you can call me Nat or Natty or any other nicknames you want.” I said with a slight chuckle at the end of my sentence. 
“I’m Liam, that’s Louis, Zayn, Harry and Niall.” The chocolate hair boy replied, who apparently is Liam. 
“Well this big old lug here is Misty.” I said pointing to her. 
“Do you ride to town often on her?” The curly haired boy Harry asked. I nodded. 
“Yeah, since I can’t drive I’m only 14 so this is the next best thing. I don’t think I could handle walking to the gym every day.” I said as they nodded. 
“Why do you go to the gym when you’re only 14?” Niall the Irishman asked. 
“Oh, well you see I’m a prodigy. I’m a fighter. When I was 6 years old I knocked another 7 year old prodigy out and have been fighting ever since.” I told them as their mouths dropped. 
“What about y’all? Y’all don’t sound like you’re from around here.” 
“We are in an internationally known band, One Direction. You may have heard of us.” Zayn said. 
“No sorry I don’t think I have. I’ll have to listen to y’all one day.” They all nodded at me, I checked the time on my iPhone; 10:30. Shit! I better get to the gym soon, If I want another 3 hour practice I need to hurry. “Sorry fella’s I need to head out. I got practice at the gym!” I quickly threw my trash away and untied Misty. 
“Wait, can we maybe have you’re number so we can catch up another time?” Harry asked. 
I nodded and typed it into his phone and he said he would give to the rest of the boys. I then hopped on Misty and cantered down the street to Mike’s gym.

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