The Prodigy (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Well I guess by now you've probably figured out that I’m a fighter. That’s right, a fighter. Yes, I am a girl, problem? Didn't think so. My name is Natasha but everyone calls me Nat or Natty for short. I’m 15 years old, turning 16 in a month. I know what you’re thinking, isn't she too young to be a fighter? The answer is no. You see I am a prodigy, ever since I was little I expressed an interest in fighting. I soon grew quite famous for my fighting skills,but recently I am on break from fighting. I just happened to run into 5 mysterious boys on my Starbucks run that will change my life forever.


13. Neighbors

I looked over at my new father and he said, “Go open the door you cunt!” I nodded and opened the door to see a woman probably in her early 30’s. “Hello there dear, my name is Anne.” She said with a warm smile.
“Hello, I’m Natasha.” I stated in a friendly voice. I led her inside where my dad was. 
“Andrew! So good to see you again!” She chimed cheerfully; she must have known him for a while. 
“You too Anne! Well Anne, this is our new daughter we adopted when we were in Tennessee. Jessica is out at the store so she will be home in a few.” My dad stated. 
“That’s fine, oh sorry Harry couldn’t be here he is on tour again! Then Gemma is out somewhere on a holiday.” Anne stated, wait Harry?! Tour?! I knew Anne looked familiar! She must be Harry’s mom! 
“Wait Harry?” I asked dumbstruck. 
“Yes dear, Harry is my son. He’s in a boy band one direction.” She stated smiling proudly. I nodded, maybe I could see him when he comes to visit! I was very excited now! Soon enough my mom came home and we all sat around eating dinner, “If you don’t mind me asking where did you get those nasty bruises from?” Anne asked. I nearly choked on my food. That was something I clearly wasn’t ready to discuss. 
“I uh, I had a bit of an accident back in Tennessee.” I stated and Anne nodded understanding I didn’t want to talk about it. My mom and dad went to clean the dishes shortly after which left Anne and I in the living room alone. “Hey Anne, when you talk to Harry next can you tell him where I am? We met back in Tennessee and I never got to say good-bye.” I asked hoping she would say yes. 
“Sure! I’m sure when he comes to visit he would love to see you again!” Anne stated giving me hope. Then after me and Anne’s conversation my mom and Anne went out to do some errands or something leaving me with my dad. 

“Come here you little shit! I heard what you asked of Anne, don’t ever mention that again! He would never want to see a slut like you ever again!” He screamed slapping me and kicking me over and over. I started to believe him, why would him or any of the boys want to see me again? I’m nothing special, I’m a fat, ugly and nothing to them. Soon enough my dad finished and I ran to my bedroom and I found my new friend my razor in my bag and I made my way to the bathroom and cut over and over till I wasn’t numb anymore. I quickly wrapped my leg up and went to bed even though it was only 8.

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