The Prodigy (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Well I guess by now you've probably figured out that I’m a fighter. That’s right, a fighter. Yes, I am a girl, problem? Didn't think so. My name is Natasha but everyone calls me Nat or Natty for short. I’m 15 years old, turning 16 in a month. I know what you’re thinking, isn't she too young to be a fighter? The answer is no. You see I am a prodigy, ever since I was little I expressed an interest in fighting. I soon grew quite famous for my fighting skills,but recently I am on break from fighting. I just happened to run into 5 mysterious boys on my Starbucks run that will change my life forever.


14. Jumping

I woke up to the sound of stomping from downstairs, I groggily got out of bed and made my way downstairs to see what the noise was, it was my dad throwing things all over the place. 
“Where’s mom?” I asked loudly hoping he would hear me over the sound he was making. 
“Work!” He replied yelling angrily. I just left it alone at that I didn’t want to bug him or make him mad or anything cause that will only cause more pain or damage to be done. Living here wasn’t that bad, the only thing I could do without was my father and his temper. I did my annual chores and sat around thinking about the boys and what they are doing. They probably forgot about me, are they even looking for me? Do they even wonder what happened? I guess not considering Harry has even tried to contact me even after I talked with Anne. 

*2 years later – Natasha is 16*
I am still living with Jessica and Andrew, Andrew is abusive and nothing much has changed apart from the fact that I absolutely despise One Direction now. They clearly have forgotten about me by now since none of them came to my rescue when I needed it most. Jessica my mother works all the time and is never home anymore, Andrew is always home and rarely leaves the house. 

Jessica, my mother, is on a business trip now and won’t be home for another month or two. Andrew has been taking this opportunity to beat me senselessly; no one is even there to save me anymore. No one cares; even when Jessica is home she ignores me. I still cut all the time; my legs are full of fresh and old cuts. I have cut from the top of my thigh all the way down to my knees, no one has noticed yet. I don’t go to school, I’m supposed to be home schooled but no one teaches me anything. 

I was sitting on the couch when Andrew came in the house looking angrier than ever. 
“It’s all your fault! You whore! This is your entire fault! It’s because of you the bills are high! It’s because of you we have to pay more! It’s because of you Jessica and I aren’t happy anymore! We should have never have gotten you! You are just a worthless, fat, ugly piece of shit! Nobody wants you! Who could ever want you?” Andrew screamed at me while beating me worse than before. Suddenly he choked me, I started having trouble breathing. He slammed me against the wall and glass vases and everything breakable shattered on the floor. I felt myself blacking out, just then Andrew dropped me on the floor and kicked me a few more times and left me. I heard the car door slam and drive away. 

I dragged myself up and up the stairs to my room. I packed a bag full of clothes and grabbed other things I might need. I’m getting out of here, I’m done with this bullshit I thought. I quickly scampered down the stairs and out the door. I looked over to my left and saw Anne in her yard working, “Where are you going Nat?” Anne asked me. 
“I’m going on a short trip, not sure when I’ll be back!” I yelled back to her and she nodded and said bye. I continued walking till I became tired, I looked around and saw a clock inside of a small bakery; 7pm. I had been walking for 4 hours?! I thought, wow. Hopefully there is somewhere I can stay for the night. I looked around and saw a hotel, I opened my wallet and saw Andrew’s credit card and pulled it out and walked over to the hotel and asked for a room for the night. I was on the top floor, great. I quickly hopped in the elevator with some stranger and clicked the top floor. 
“Hello love, what’s your name?” I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up and sure enough it was Harry. And best part, he doesn’t remember me. 

“None of your business Harry, if you were a true friend you would remember.” I scoffed. He looked at me shocked, mouth hanging open and eyes bulging. 
“Have I even met you?” He asked rudely. 
“Yes, sadly. Two years ago. Think about it you’ll remember.” I said and walked off the elevator on a random floor not wanting to be there any longer. I waited for a different elevator and got on and clicked my floor and just before the doors close someone else got on. Great, someone is on here with me. 
“Hi love, what’s your name?” I heard another familiar voice say. I looked up and saw Liam staring right at me. Just my luck. 
“You should remember Payne.” That was all I said when I got off on my floor. He must be waiting to go down. I walked over to my room and quickly walked in and instantly the tears poured out. I screamed and kicked and punched everything in sight. I couldn’t take it anymore; I walked over to the balcony and looked down. I was tempted to jump, I mean who would care? If I died who would care? No one that’s who.

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