The Prodigy (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Well I guess by now you've probably figured out that I’m a fighter. That’s right, a fighter. Yes, I am a girl, problem? Didn't think so. My name is Natasha but everyone calls me Nat or Natty for short. I’m 15 years old, turning 16 in a month. I know what you’re thinking, isn't she too young to be a fighter? The answer is no. You see I am a prodigy, ever since I was little I expressed an interest in fighting. I soon grew quite famous for my fighting skills,but recently I am on break from fighting. I just happened to run into 5 mysterious boys on my Starbucks run that will change my life forever.


11. Adoption

I examined the razor with thoughts overflowing my mind. What was this doing here? Should I use it? Does it hurt? Will it relieve my pain? Can it help me? I figured I would try, after all I feel so numb now. It’s better to feel pain then nothing at all right? I slowly cut Niall’s name into my inner thigh using the razor, along with the other boys’ and my parent’s names. That way they will always be a part of me. Then I continued cutting my inner left thigh. 
This is for being stupid. Slice. 
This is for being spoiled. Slice
This is for being weak. Slice. 
This is for being fat and ugly. Slice. Slice. 
This is for not being able to fight off the rapists. Slice. 
This is for not being able to make friends. Slice. 

I continued naming things and slicing until I started to feel pain, then I quit. I sat on the cold tile of the bathroom floor with my legged wrapped up for most of the night, and then I went to the pathetic bed they gave me and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. 

I woke up to a loud knocking on the door, I groaned and walked over to the door and opened it. I saw a grouchy looking man who was probably in his mid-20 or early 30’s. He had slick black hair and blue eyes, with slight stubble on his chin. “Breakfast is ready.” He mumbled and walked away. I assume I should wake my roommates. I walked over to the first girl I remember as Amber, I gently shook her and said, “Breakfast is ready; I will wake up the others too.” Her eyes shot open and she looked at me and scowled. She rolled out of bed and shoved me. I walked over to Kaylah and did the same to her and Heather and got the same response from all of them. 

We walked together down a dark hallway to a large room full of other children and teens sitting around a table. I looked at what everyone was eating, old oatmeal or stale cereal. Yum. Notice the sarcasm? Good, I quickly and quietly sat down beside a small child who looked around 7. I grabbed some cereal and ate in silence. No one dared to make eye contact with me throughout breakfast. I quickly finished and went back to my room and changed clothes. Just as I finished the bedroom door popped open to reveal the man from earlier. 
“Hello I’m Michael. What is your name? You don’t look familiar.” He said. 
“Natasha, I just arrived yesterday.” I said in barely in a whisper. 
“Nice to meet you,” He said while shaking my hand. “Now listen, I have a family that wants to adopt and I want to choose you, but you have to do something for me.” He said coming closer. 
“Anything,” I said, I just want to get out of this hell hole! Just then he kissed me pushing me down. I tried pushing him off but it didn’t work, not again! I started blubbering like a baby trying to fight when he picked up a heavy book and threw it at my head. That is all I remember before everything went black. 

I woke up and looked around, I’m still in my room. Maybe it was a dream? I got up from my bed and looked down and saw my clothes sprawled across the floor; I looked down at my body. I’m naked and bloody. I quickly get dressed and start bawling. Just as I run out of tears to cry the bedroom door opens. Michael walked in. I start moving towards the corner to get away, he chuckles. “I have a family that wants to adopt you.” I nod and pack my stuff quickly with Michael staring at me, just then he kissed me. I pulled my hand up and slapped him across the face. He just shook it off and led me to his office. I opened the office door and saw a woman probably in her 20’s and man probably in his late 20’s. 
“These are the Jones’s, they wish to adopt you.” Michael said and I nodded. I walked over to them and hugged them both and they signed the papers, finally I’m out of here! They led me to their car and I got in and we drove off in silence. I looked back to get one last glance of the orphanage and sighed in relief that that is over.

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