Sticks and stones

Sorry I do write about society an awful lot, but it does shape us all.


1. Sticks and stones

Why is it that we care of others opinions so much? They seem to have such a higher value than our own which leads to a disbelief in ourselves, that we aren't good enough for those around us. Anyone who tries saying different we push anyway as we assume they're lying, that they simply feel sorry for us. Rather than noticing the simple truth in which they're trying to point out. The truth that we've all become too narrow minded to see. Blinded by the thing we call society, which in turn rules us all in shape or form.

See society had moulded all of us, myself included, as a child I was alway taught that although sticks and stones may break your bones, words could never hurt you. But growing up I found this not to be true. Whilst broken bones might heal, mental pain was always harder to handle, every cruel world edged away at my confidence, building up a wall in return, in order not to get hurt.
 Now that worked for a while, I didn't care what others thought of me because the way I saw it, they didn't matter, they enjoyed bringing me down so why give them the pleasure when I could just smile sweetly and kill them inside? Yet, those who do matter, your friends, someone who you could never say a bad word about, such a strong sense of loyalty is there, turn against you, doesn't feel like only getting stabbed in the back. When it's someone you care about, it's as if they're twisting the knife, causing as much damage as humanly possible until you want it to take your last breath. Trust is broken apart like a glass smashed, although it can be fixed it takes an enormous amount of time and is never quite the same. 

It hurts, words always do.  Yet people don't seem to understand it, they don't put thought into what they say and it's as if those words are the sticks and stones creating hurt and pain more malicious than most. 
And I blame society for this, for making us so self conscious and have so little faith in ourselves, that we feel the need to create harm upon our person, because we aren't good enough, not even in our own eyes. As we don't look through rosé tinted glasses, but rather glasses tinted with the tears that have fallen and blood shed. As that is how the story has been told. Until something is changed, someone brings the hope and beauty back in being ourselves it shall stay this way, forever more. So maybe sticks and stones do break our bones but remember words could cause twice the damage is you're not careful in what you say, in what society says. 

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