True messages from the people you love most.

Please comment on what you think of each character


1. Jessica

Louie is one of my best friend's, his happiness means a lot to me and Isobel is his happiness so you need to leave them alone. Everyone knows you've always liked Isobel but she's with Louie, you need to get over that. The fact your supposed to be one of the nice guys in our year just proves how wrong everyone is. I forgave you for being mean to me like you always are but if Louie and Isobel never do, I'd understand them because I wouldn't if someone did that to try and split me and my guy up. When people are happy, you need to let them be and put your feelings aside - if you loved someone that much you'd want them to be happy no matter who they were with. I don't even think it's the fact you lied, it's the fact you went so far with the lie you even created a fake picture. I don't get it with you Brayden. It's like you want to be one of those boys who are mean to everyone that everyone secretly hates when really everyone would just prefer you to be you. Trying to act hard makes you look silly because everyone knows your a caring guy.. well, I guess everyone thought you were one of the caring guys, this is all proves differently. Seriously though, acting like this tough guy with a massive ego who thinks he can do whatever he wants isn't working for you and you need to sort yourself out. I'm disgusted with the way you've been acting lately and you honestly have made me feel sick. First your mean to everyone, not just me but you sure have wrecked the main part of my year, then you tell someone to go and kill themselves and now you try and ruin one of your 'best friend's' relationships. Who even are you? I don't actually want to talk to you, I think you've changed the past year and I don't mean for the better because your becoming repulsive. I've forgiven you about all the stuff you've done to me but that doesn't mean I've forgotten. We all know after the first time I forgave you, you were exactly the same when I decided not to talk to you with the Grant thing. You really just don't know when to stop do you? If someone hates you and doesn't want to talk to you, except it and move on because you'll only make things worse - that's exactly what you did to me because you have no idea what kind of anger you made me feel. I got so fed up with you a couple of weeks ago, I nearly pushed Thomas down the stairs because he poked me and I thought it was you. Feeling that kind of anger inside me actually scared me because I've never felt anything like that before. You hurt people Brayden and you honestly need to pipe down before you have no one. To be honest, I think your cocky and you need to sort your attitude out. But I've forgiven you twice now and trust me, there won't be a third.


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