True messages from the people you love most.

Please comment on what you think of each character


3. Isobel

But if I'm being totally honest with you Brayden, you need to pull your act together. Niamh obviously has no respect for you, doesn't like you and wants you to leave her alone. You need to stop doing stuff that you think will get people's attention, although it does, people won't you. I have lost faith in you and feel like giving up but I don't want to throw away 10 years of friendship just like that. So it's just a friendly hint to pull yourself together. I can understand if you are doing this because there is something going on at home or whatever but you need to speak to some one about it if there is. Not having a go, I just want my friend back, how he was and how he should be. I know you are in there somewhere with in that genius brain of yours but if you're that smart, pull figure out the right thing to do.


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