True messages from the people you love most.

Please comment on what you think of each character


5. Isobel to aiden

When I needed you most you weren't there. 
I waited up all night with the hope that I would get something back. 
Nobody ever listens, that's why I needed you. 
seem to understand me and comfort me, when you don't even understand the situation I am in. 
You are like my best friend. 
I can tell you everything. 
I need you. And your love. 
I need you here beside me. 
I wish that when I wake up during the night, scared, I could have you next to me to cuddle. 
I wish we could live nearer, rather than miles apart. 
I wish we could officially be together. 
But life is harder than that and god likes to make our lives an adventure. 
An adventure that is pleasant at times. 
An adventure that as one thing gets better and easier another gets worse and more difficult. 
But when I am within your company, all these little day dreams disappear and I just think of you. 
And what life would be with out you. 
Everything about you makes me smile, even your imperfections.
The smirk that creeps onto your face when you see me doing something clumsy. 
Or the giggle that sounds when you catch me being stupid out of the corner of your eye. 
The voice that makes me melt inside, it's just so reassuring, makes me feel safe and secure. 
The hair, the colour, the cut, or when it gets so long and that little flick that accompanies it. 
I just want to spend every minute with you. 
May sound cheesy, but I am in love with you. 
I wish for us to grow old together. 
I wouldn't even mind if we were just friends. 
But I feel as if we are meant to be and are not to be separated. 
I am so pleased that I never gave up on you days ago. 
I thought about what you had said to her, but I realised what you meant to me. 
I have fallen for you. Big time. 
I just want you to know that I don't ever want you to leave me. 
The crazy thing is we've never even met. 
Yet I feel that I know you so well. 
And you drive me crazy. 
At school all I think about is you. I try not to blab on about you to my friends. 
I have to hide it all from the boys so that they don't get jealous. 
My best friends can tell that I'm dreaming of you when I sit there staring into space. 
I have had to come up with a code name so that I don't be too obvious. 
You're one of a kind. 
You hold that special key to my heart. 
You are the final piece to me, so it seems. 
I never even knew that there was a piece in me to be filled. 
I felt rather complete. 
But then you came along. 
At first I didn't know what to think. 
Then after a few conversations, I fell in love. 
I have fallen in love so many, too many times, but not like this. 
So many guys have tried to own my heart. 
But none have achieved in the way that you have. 
I think about you before I fall asleep, and as soon as I wake up. 
I rush home from places just to see if I have a message from you. 
Before when we didn't talk, it wasn't a big deal. 
But now when we don't talk I go nuts. 
I feel as if there is no point in my existence if I'm not talking to you. 
I feel so down and lonely. 
When you don't talk to me, I just want to sit there and cry. 
I don't really care how cheesy this sounds, I really mean everything I am saying.
This was essentially going to be a song, but I had to much emotion to convey and control to put into an organised fashion. 
I don't know what this should be classified as. 
But this is my 'letter' to you. 
This did start out as a small paragraph saying all the things I love about you. 
But there is to much to contain in such a small space. 
I am sorry to take up so much of your time, but I just wanted you to know you are perfect.


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