The Way<3

ariana is just a normal girl that is 18 shes just walking through the park when she sees someone following her...she starts freaking out someone she meets but he can be agresseve towds her but soon.... she relizes shes falling inlove..

hope you like


2. what should i say?



ok that wasnt weird at all.....niall kinda scared me but when e kissed me it felt so right tho  didnt kiss back...bep bep bep i got a txt from niall it said ill pick you up tomorrow around 11 doll is it a question? or a "no choice question? i sent back bep bep bep te txt said idk doll would you come ;) i txted back idk were would we go??



she txted me back were would we go?? hmmm how about we go shopping first ;) than go t a carnavile have fun eat coten candy than eat dinner (around 5) than go ona hill and wat the sun set!! I sent back she txted back OMG that sounds amzing!!! ok ill go with you babe;) oh so no ere callin eachover names now i thougt to myself well you should get some sleep doll txt u 2 morrow good night doll  sent back good night MY nialler<3 i smiled and whe to sleep



oh it was 10 0'clock niall should be hee in a hour! i took a shower got some shorts and a blue v neck shirt wow my boobs pop out ALOT! oh well...than i out on eye liner on top and bottem of my eye than mascara and lip gloss!! than got my iphone 4 money and purse!! i got someblack vans on then i hurd the doorbell ring COMMING! i yelled i open to see my nialler standing there with his quiff he had black skinny jeans on with a white top on plus his leather jaket and PLUS some black vans like me! hey doll he said wait befor we go i have to ask you something he pulled out a rose and said will you be  MY girlfriend? shit what should i say i thought well ujmmm....YES! i said he gave my a wait nialler whats your last name i asked horan he said ok them you gave me a HORAN HUG!!!



like...commit!! <3333                   

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