The Way<3

ariana is just a normal girl that is 18 shes just walking through the park when she sees someone following her...she starts freaking out someone she meets but he can be agresseve towds her but soon.... she relizes shes falling inlove..

hope you like


3. NO WAY!!



i got in his car and we drove to the mall...ill rase you in i said befor he could even get out of the car i was half way there your a cheater he called back so hurry im hungry! i said we both went in side and looked around for food i dont know about him but i love food and i eat like a pig so i have to make sure i dont do that around him! we finlily found it we got some subway!! it was good i ate all of mine and niall omg he ate like a pig! damn you eat fast i said finishing my last bite! ok so were you wanna go? umm hot topic i said well onething i or he never noticed is that we both had gadges!! i never notise his and he never nodise mine! omg niall you have gadges i said yep only a size zero not that big he said i lifted my hair up me too! i said but i have a size three...i said you should get a zero he said kay kay nialler! i said we alked in the store and i looked at the gades while my nialler looked at sexy dresses wait what he was looking at a blue one basicly a hooker would was blue and it showed lots of clevledge and for the bottem it was a super super short skirt i got my gadges and went to niall what you doin nialler i ask looking at somethin you would wear he said and what is that niall i ask a top and skirt kay im buying it for you! he said with a happy face



i got ariana a hooker dress my birthday was next week and i wanted her to wear it! so i bought it niall im not going to wear that she said but you have to next week i said why? she ask because it my birthday!! i said fine she said she looked around and she saw somethin that cought her eye and she went over to it hey nialler this looks like you she said while pointing at a purple shirt with me and 4 other guys on ya it is me i said whats one direction she asked well i was in a boy band it was me (niall horan) harry styles zayn malik louis (louie) tomlinson and liam payn but we got in a huge fight and split up or took at brake for some years i said she looked at me like omg no way look d-dide you just s-say l-iam p-p-payne she asked ya err why? i asked becuase i know him his my best friend or way my bestfriend till he left for the x factor iv never seen him since she said omg she know liam thats crazy! or well same i havent seen him since 4 years we walked out of the store and me and her saw.....





stay tunded for more!! :)

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